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It was going to be a hard one to do, considering all of the sexual harassment issues, politics, and more – but Seth Meyers did the best he could with the hand he had dealt to him.

His ‘Saturday Night Live’ style jokes toward the President and at the expense of Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein were poignant and trod the line enough to both make laughs happen, as well as say “Oh, wow, uh, that is so true.”

On top of that, Seth Meyers says that many claim his jokes at a White House Correspondents dinner may have caused Donald Trump to run for president, so he then pointed to Oprah Winfrey and yelled “YOU WILL NEVER BE PRESIDENT,” and then finds Tom Hanks in the audience and says “HANKS, YOU’LL NEVER BE VICE PRESIDENT.”

He then goes on to say “And now we’ll just wait and see what happens.”

Watch his full monologue here:


Did you like his opening?


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