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Some people get hung up about getting older. They refuse to acknowledge their birthday, or they hesitate before they tell you how old they are because they’re embarrassed by the number. We get it: getting older is for the birds. You wake up with random pains in your back even when you haven’t done anything athletic in three weeks. You get wrinkles. You have two glasses of wine and you’re hungover. But these celebs are an awesome reminder that age is truly just a number:

Jane Fonda

With the grands

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The 79-year-old actress has been grabbing headlines a lot recently. First, she stole the show at Paris Fashion Week. Then, she put Megyn Kelly in her place when she asked an invasive question about Fonda’s history with plastic surgery.

Jane Fonda shuts down Megyn Kelly's question - CNN Video

Megyn Kelly tried to pivot an interview about Jane Fonda's new film to Fonda's plastic surgery.

Fonda is a great reminder that you don’t have to be a 22-year-old to continue to appear in fashion shows and on TV. Oh yeah, and you don’t have to answer awkward, inappropriate questions that are posed to you.


Christie Brinkley

This woman is 63 YEARS OLD. Yep. While it’s clear that she’s genetically blessed, Brinkley also promotes living a healthy, vegan lifestyle. She’s the author of the book Timeless Beauty. If reading it guarantees that we can look like her, we’re sold.

At the end of the day if I end the day with friends I am grateful! Thank you for a fabulous night @anndexterjonesdesign ❌⭕️ @irenamedavoy Please move here! ❤️ @dianelevinson ???? #gratitude

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Demi Moore

At 54 years old, Demi Moore could pass as just another sibling to her daughters, who are in their 20s.

Maaaahwage is wat brings us togevah... #jenjenandcappy #itsallaboutthereference

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Diane Keaton

The fact that the iconic, 71-year-old actress has taken the time to learn Instagram, let alone curate an off-beat feed populated with artistic shots makes us love her even more. Then there’s the fact that she posted this, and that’s even better. Diane Keaton, why are you the coolest?

Thanks @wmag!!!

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Cindy Crawford

The supermodel may be passing the torch to her daughter Kaia, but don’t be fooled: she still has the “it” factor that made her an icon in the ’90s. In fact, she closed out the Versace fashion show at New York Fashion Week this year with other supermodels like Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista.

Moments before the iconic finale of the #VersaceSS18 show with Gianni's muses. #VersaceTribute

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These women are proof that age is just a number, and it’s all about how you feel. Join Instagram, walk in a fashion show, write a book! You can do it at any point in life.


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