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You're Only A True Delawarean If You've Done All These Things...

True Delawareans are proud to be from the first state and they let you know it. You can’t mistake a person from Delaware for a person from anywhere else. But you aren’t a true Delawarean until you’ve done these 9 things.

We brought you You Know You’re From Delaware If You Say These 16 Things”. Now, you can talk the talk but can you walk the walk?

Delaware Pride

We polled people from the first state on what really makes someone a “True Delawarean”. Of course there were the stereotypical identifiers that most people know. But then, the answers took a left turn and we started seeing answers that even we forgot about.

Being a true Delawarean doesn’t mean you have to be born and raised here. No siree. You could be a transplant but as long as you’ve experienced the things on this long list, you can say you’re from Delaware.

There’s even a funny little song that someone created. Now we’re not sure if we agree with everything he sang about but it is pretty entertaining.

Facts About Delaware

Aside from the obvious like shopping with no sales tax, there are so many other things that make you a true Delawarean.

If you’d like to see the full list of responses from our listeners, hop on over to our Facebook Page. 

Otherwise, just take a look at our list below because we’ve compiled a checklist for you to see if you really are a full blooded Delawarean.

Because, you’re not a true Delawarean until you’ve…


  • Eaten Scrapple


    That’s right. Scrapple is a Delaware staple. Yes we know Pennsylvania and parts of NJ have it too. But we have a whole festival paying tribute to it!

    Apple Scrapple Festival - Bridgeville, Delaware

    FridayOctober 13, 2023 Festival opens at 4 pm SaturdayOctober 14, 2023 Festival opens at 9 am Live Entertainment!Hundreds of Crafters and Vendors! Delicious Food with Social Distancing! We want to thank Bonnie Workman for 30 years of service to the Apple Scrapple Festival.


  • Gone To The Beach, Not Down The Shore

    bethany beach, delaware

    Getty Royalty Free

    “Down the shore” is a Jersey thing. Delaware people go “To The Beach”. If you say ‘shore’, we immediately know you’re not from here.


  • Corrected Someone's Pronunciation Of These Words

    It’s NewARK, not NewWORK

    It’s SmURNA, not SmEERNA

    It’s UD, not UDEL (we know, not pronunciation. But it’s just WRONG)



  • Attended The Christmas Weed Parade


    And no, it’s not held at 4:20pm.

    We’re talking about the Claymont Christmas Parade that pays tribute to a weed in the ground by decorating it like a Christmas Tree.

    The first parade was in 1998, setting the tradition of it being the first Saturday in December.

  • Had Thrashers And Vinegar

    Thrasher's French Fries | Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

    Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Boardwalk Tradition Since 1929. Best Tasting French Fry Ever Eaten. Fresh Cut Idaho Potatoes. Cooked in 100% Peanut Oil.

    And no, they don’t have ketchup.

  • Seen Someone You Know Everywhere You Go

    Yes, Delaware is small but mighty. It’s easy to run into a friend or family member or multiple wherever you go!

  • Created Your Own Backroad Route

    Road closure and detour sign

    Delaware Roads Are Always Being Worked On

    With the amount of construction in our small state it’s kind of a right of passage to come up with your own alternate route based on traffic lights and no turn on red.

    If you have a backup for your backup route, you’re even more Delaware than the rest of us.

  • Had a Sausage In Smyrna


    Photo: Courtesy of Helen's Sausage House

    Cliff Murphy of Helen’s Sausage House

    Helen’s Sausage House is a staple for Delawareans. If you haven’t been, how are you even from here?

  • Eaten A Footlong In New Castle

    The Dog House | American Restaurant in New Castle, DE

    The Dog House has been serving Delaware's award winning hot dogs since 1952 in our family-friendly New Castle, DE location. Stop in an enjoy not only hot dogs but cheesesteaks, burgers, milkshakes and more!


    The Dog House is a Delaware staple for foot long dogs. Run, don’t walk.

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