Challenging the norm. Stating the obvious. Defying the laws of human nature.

No one understands how he got on the radio but here he is. Hollywood Kyle offers a “wild-card” approach to Deanna & Justin In The Morning.

He is the man of many talents. He has held 72 jobs in his lifetime.

He often has random shower thoughts. Kyle likes to bring those thoughts to studio and leave everyone scratching their heads.

Every weekday at about 9:40 AM, Deanna and Justin in the Morning ask Kyle to blow their minds with his “off-the-wall” thoughts.

You can probably count on a lot of these thoughts ending up on Reddit

In case you missed an episode of Hollywood Kyle, here’s a recap of each segment, updated weekly.


Have you ever zoned out while completing a task, day dreamed at work, or just sat on the couch and let the invasive thoughts spiral through your mind? If so, you have experienced what it’s like to be HK. This is how he lives his every day life.

You can count on him to have an endless amount of random, sometimes useless knowledge. He’s always going to be a good trivia partner. You can count on him to provide a random detail to something and make you go “hmmm”.

We all know one person who adds their own flare to life and marches to the beat of their own drum. For us at WJBR, that’s Kyle.



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