Deanna & Justin’s What In The Wheel?

Hollywood Kyle interviews the Nanticoke Tribe of Delaware in the first episode of What In The Wheel!

Hollywood Kyle has always been curious of learning about other cultures and lifestyles, especially Native Americanism. The aspects of spirituality, family, love of nature, and ancestry within the history of Native Americans has always interested him. So, Hollywood Kyle interviewed the Nanticoke Tribe of Delaware.

Kyle has read several books about what the human race can learn from nature and how ancient tribes relied on nature and spirituality to guide their lives. Kyle says “How a community can be so wise and thrive without abusing their resources, is incredible”. He says the stories of their community are very powerful and have always intrigued him since he started reading and listening to those stories.

Kyle had the opportunity to sit down with two elders of the Nanticoke tribe. The Nanticoke tribe, located here in Delaware, just recently had a pow wow in Milton. Kyle was able to ask questions about pretty much anything. However, if it was a reserved matter, they would just say so. For instance, they could not express why they received their Native name. The reason being, it is one of the only traditions still private and sacred to their people.

The numbers of Native Americans have been increasing, solely because people have been stepping up and saying they are of Native bloodline. Most people are unaware they have Native heritage in their family line because Native Americanism was so inhumanely treated. To find out if you have Native American blood, it all trails back to your family tree. Through research, they can find out if your family name was ever associated with a tribe.

When Hollywood Kyle interviews the Nanticoke Tribe of Delaware in the video below, he finds himself most curious about how if he has any Native ancestry in his family. He has asked the Nanticoke tribe to help him out in the process as he will continue to do his own research. Stay tuned for updates!