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What In The Wheel- Mr Pasta

Let’s be honest, we’re curious about a lot of things. Justin googles everything, Deanna is always analyzing situations and Hollywood Kyle has random, off-the-wall shower thoughts. This week’s What In The Wheel- Mr Pasta.

So why not make a bit out of it? If you had the ability to explore every curiosity you’ve ever had, wouldn’t you? Hence, The Wheel!

We made a wheel with our faces on it. We spin it every Friday morning around 8:30. Whoever it lands on has to pick something from their list of wonders to accomplish over the weekend.

Last week the wheel landed on Hollywood Kyle. He’s always dreamed of having his photograph hung in a restaurant. Ya know, like celebrities do.

We decided to visit Mr. Pasta, right here in Wilmington.

At first, the goal was to sneak Hollywood Kyle’s photo on the wall without anyone noticing. We were able to snap some shots of him enjoying his ravioli while we were there.

Mr. Pasta has been feeding the people of Wilmington for over 62 years!

If you know Mr. Pasta, then you’ve been lucky enough to have good home-cooked Italian food.

Nick Cekine, Mr. Pasta himself loves what he does. If you get a chance to meet him and speak with him, rumor is he could go on and on about his food. It has been said, that his face will light up the minute you ask about the menu.

The best part is, all of his staples are available for takeout. There is a refrigerator located in the front of the restaurant. It holds meals to-go so you can cook them on your own time and wow your whole family.

The menu is very reasonably priced and the interior simple but you can feel the years of hard work and dedication all around you.

Cekine also loves to give out cooking tips, according to a feature by Delaware Online that hangs on the wall.

You can read the whole backstory the second you walk in.

See the feature below along with photos from our experience!

What In The Wheel- Mr Pasta

Deanna and Justin In The Morning Go To Mr. Pasta