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The Haunted Legend of “The DuPonts, Devil’s Road, and the Cult House”

The Haunted Legend of "The DuPonts, Devil's Road, and the Cult House" The Haunted Legend of Cossart Road in Chadds Ford, PA has scared many locals to stay away from the roadway... The road runs extremely narrow, fitting only one car at a time, while the wheels fall on and off the pavement. Just above the Delaware border in the town of Chadds Ford, PA, lies Cossart Road, where the trees bend in an eerie and frightening kind of way. Cossart Road has such a fearful history, it is now known as “Devil's Road.” The roadway has become so famous among locals, the woods surrounding Devil's Road were used to shoot the horror movie The Village. And so it begins, with a mansion located within the woods. This mansion has become known as the Cult House. At one point in time it was owned and operated by the wealthy family all locals know: The DuPonts. The house did host a cult to some degree. It was common for the DuPont family members to marry among the bloodline, marrying their cousins so that the wealth would not be distributed outside of the family. While some say it only belonged to the DuPonts, others point their views towards the notion that it was home to Satanists and KKK members. The Natural Phenomenons... The most unusual part about the Cult House is that there are in fact natural wonders located on the premises and the roadway that cannot be explained rationally. One in particular, are the trees that line the road. If you're to drive down the roadway, you'll notice how the trees bend away from the road. These trees were not cut, yet they bend dramatically away from the house, opposite the natural growth of growing towards the sun. As you get farther and farther away from the Cult House, the trees bend back into a natural shape, tall and rooted upwards. Other trees that stand out around the house are known as Skull Trees. Rumor has it, the DuPont members of the Cult House would use these trees for dumping babies who were born disabled. Over time, Skull Trees would devour their bodies fully and take the shape of the child's skull. [gallery size="full" ids="224519,224518,224520"]   To view more of Paul's photos click here...   Be Aware of Your Surroundings... Many youngsters have explored Devil's Road in attempt to uncover the secrets that lie within the property. This is very dangerous. The land is private property and covered with No Trespassing signs at every angle, which makes it a legal issue. But this doesn't stop young risk takers and adrenaline junkies. Two stories derive from people who end up trespassing on the property; Either they are chased off the premises by guards wearing trench coats and black hoods with huge flashlights, or by men in tinted blacked-out diesel trucks. The other story is they see and hear things that cannot be explained (or unseen). Over time dead animals, crosses, spray painted symbols, and sometimes nooses, have been spotted around the premises. We spoke to a local by the name of William on what he has witnessed... "There was a light waving around and shining on the trees, but it was far away. I stopped my car and looked into the woods and as soon as I stopped it went off. A few seconds later it started back up. And it would shine just like S.O.S., three short, three long, and three short again. I had no service this whole time either. I was pretty freaked out so I started driving very slowly, and as soon I started to pull off, I saw a huge flame shoot up in the trees and heard a shrieking scream. I don't know exactly what I saw, but to me I think they were literally lighting someone on fire. I drove right home." Today Cossart is still visited by risky teens and adults alike, in the hope of seeing ghosts or being chased off the street in fear of their life, or to simply try and discover the hidden secrets of the DuPont family. [select-listicle listicle_id="326531" syndication_name="inside-the-abandoned-cinemart-theater-in-wilmington-delaware" description="yes"] [select-listicle listicle_id="326108" syndication_name="branmar-plaza-shopping-center-in-wilmington-used-to-have-a-movie-theater" description="yes"] [select-listicle listicle_id="305112" syndication_name="delaware-has-a-top-ranked-pumpkin-beer" description="yes"]