Back to School

Back To School At WJBR

It's time to go back to school and our WJBR employees are sharing some of their favorite school portraits! You know, those embarrassing pictures they made you take in school that make you question your fashion and hair choices? Those... So, are you ready for some Back To School WJBR Photos? We asked some of our on-air staff what their favorite back to school memories were and this is what they said: Justin loved getting the lunch menu. He also looked forward to his brand new zip-up, white Iverson sneakers. Justin also loved that it meant sports would start all over again. Hollywood Kyle was a fan of checking his class schedule to see which of his friends were in his class. Kyle also recalls washing one too many a blackboard. Kyle, like Justin, was into the sports but more as a spectator. He would attend many games and cheer on his friends. Deanna enjoyed the arts and crafts aspect and wrapping her textbooks in brown paper bags then drawing and decorating them. She also loved gathering all her new supplies and organizing it in her trapper keeper. Deanna wasn't necessarily into contact sports. She ran, swam and was always in the school play. Fun fact: She was her high school mascot along with another classmate and it has been a secret to this day. Check out some of our staff throwbacks and have a wonderful school year!  

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