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You Could Own This Pennsylvania Lighthouse For Free

Not sure who I thought owned lighthouses, but apparently anyone can! A lighthouse in Pennsylvania is up for grabs right now.

Lighthouses are iconic pieces of history. They were and are the lifeline for many marine vehicles.

Lighthouses are all over t-shirts, beach stores, and actual beaches themselves.

I have always found them hauntingly cool. They are a piece of living history.

There is a lighthouse right by our house in North Wildwood and I love sitting outside on a cool summer night while watching the light bounce off of the water.

Now YOU can own a lighthouse for free! Well…kind of.

 Each May, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) offers lighthouses to the public and other agencies. A partnership among the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act (NHLPA), US Coast Guard (USCG), Department of Homeland Security, Department of Interior, National Park Service (NPS), and GSA – transfers these historic landmarks from the USCG to new owners. (Curiocity)

These lighthouses are offered FOR FREE to ederal agencies, state and local governments, nonprofits, educational agencies, and community development organizations. If no one comes forth to take ownership of the lighthouse it will go up for public auction.

All the lighthouses that go to sale have starting bids of anywhere up to $10,000.

So which Pennsylvania lighthouse is up for grabs this year?

The Erie Harbor North Pier Lighthouse in Erie, Pennsylvania. So you will need to move out west, but the lighthouse could make a cool summer home!

“The Erie Harbor North Pier Light, also known as the Presque Isle North Pier Light, is one of the three lighthouses near Erie, Pennsylvania in the United States. The light, situated at the far eastern end of Presque Isle State Park, helps mariners as they traverse the narrow inlet between Lake Erie and Presque Isle Bay” according to Wikipedia.

You Could Own This Pennsylvania Lighthouse For Free

Pennsylvania Has 3 Of The Top 10 Rollercoasters In America

Pennsylvania Has 3 Of The Top 10 Rollercoasters In America

If you are a thrill seeker you won’t have to drive far as PA has 3 of the best coasters in the United States.

USA Today and 10Best have revealed the best roller coasters in the country and people in the tri-state are spoiled.

Readers ranked their favorite coasters in a new poll and some classic amusements parks have made the list.

The top coaster in America is pretty accessible as well since it is in Orlando and there is a billion flights a day to Florida.

“Guests looking for thrills at SeaWorld Orlando will find them aboard one of the park’s roller coasters, Mako. Orlando’s tallest and fastest coaster gets its name from one of the world’s fastest sharks – appropriate for a thrill ride reaching speeds of 73 miles per hour” per USA Today.

On top of Pennsylvania grabbing 3 of the top 10 spots on the list, New Jersey also got in on the action.

Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey and is massive. Its 456 feet high and goes an amazing 128mph.

Pennsylvania Has 3 Of The Top 10 Rollercoasters In America and here they are and where they rank:


  • 8. Phantom's Revenge - Kennywood

    According to Kennywood’s Wikipedia “Phantom’s Revenge is a steel hypercoaster located at Kennywood amusement park in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, United States. It originally opened as Steel Phantom in 1991, featuring the fastest speed and longest drop of any roller coaster in the world. Its second drop is longer than its first, which is a unique characteristic among roller coasters.”

  • 6. Skyrush- Hersheypark

    Skyrush at Hersheypark is AWESOME. I have ridden two of the top 10 coasters in American and Skyrush is confirmed thrilling. Skyrush climbs 200 feet into the air before flying downhill at 75 mph.

  • 2. Phoenix- Knoebels

    I am SO excited that Phoenix made the list and at #2! I love Knoebels and I’m glad the amusement park is getting its flowers. Phoenix is a wooden classic coaster and reaches speeds of up to 45mph. Knoebels is worth a day trip or even a camping trip. If you go make sure you try the blue birch beer.


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