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The Bachelor finale will air live tonight. Zach Shallcross will make his decision on Season 27, Episode 10 of the Bachelor. After the Fantasy Suite Week being a bit of a trainwreck for Shallcross and the remaining women, everyone is wondering who he will pick. In the finale tonight, Zach will go to Thailand to select one woman to be his wife and propose.

Kaity Biggar and Gabi Elnicki are the two remaining women on The Bachelor Season 27. The preview that aired last week, hinted at Zach and Gabi going on a romantic horse ride, while Kaity joined him for a breathtaking hike. It’s up to Zach to choose one of the women, but ultimately, it’s still the girl’s choice of whether they accept to marry him.

After the Finale, “After the Final Rose” special will air, where Zach will reunite with the final three women. Which, this should be interesting, considering the train wreck Fantasy Suite Week. You can watch The Bachelor Season Finale tonight on ABC and Hulu Live.

Top 10 Delaware’s Wealthiest People

Among the few on this list of Top 10 Delaware’s Wealthiest People, are business owners, corporate executives, actors, and entrepreneurs.

Although Delaware is home to no billionaires, and also less than 1 million residents in total, the small state does in fact have plenty of multi-millionaires. Delaware has a great, nationally known reputation for their corporate benefits and tax breaks. Many businesses are based in Delaware for this purpose. Furthermore, starting your own business in Delaware is a streamline process that is fairly simple for anyone to do.

With a population of 1,018,396 people, according to the 2022 U.S. Census, Delaware is home to one of the country’s most popular summer destinations, Rehoboth Beach. For a state being under 100 miles long, you can do some much. According to, the state is home to beautiful vineyards, beaches, hiking paths, and beautiful estates. There is something for everyone to see and do. You can even catch a NASCAR Race at Dover Motor Speedway.

Who knows, maybe you will see one of the people on this list on your next Delaware adventure.

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Scroll down to see the list of Top 10 Delaware’s Wealthiest People:

  • Chuck Wicks - $2 Million

    Conservation Aid A Live Concert To Benefit The NWTF Foundation

    (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

    Chuck Wicks is a country artist and radio personality born and raised in Smyrna, Delaware. Wicks was also featured in the reality tv show, “Nashville” at one point.

  • Daniel Pfeiffer - $3.3 Million

    Obama Holds News Conference On Status Of Deficit Reduction Talks

    (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

    Daniel Pfeiffer is a former Senior Adviser for the President of the United States. He was born in Wilmington, Delaware and served as Senior Adviser to President Barack Obama.

  • Edward Breen - $4.6 Million

    Breen serves as the Executive Chairman of DuPont, a company every Delawarean is familiar with. He is also the Director of Comcast. Before these roles, he was chairman and CEO of Tyco.

  • Jeff Householder - $4.91 Million

    Jeff Householder has worked for both Chesapeake Utilities Corp. and Florida Public Utilities Company. He served as the President and CEO of Chesapeake and the President of Florida Public Utilities Company.

  • Aubrey Plaza - $6 Million

    2023 Film Independent Spirit Awards  - Arrivals

    (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

    Delaware native, Aubrey Plaza, is a comedian and actress who has been in several hit movies and tv shows, including Parks and Rec, White Lotus and Saturday Night Live.

  • Mark Vergnano - $19.3 Million

    Vergnano is the majority shareholder and President of The Chemours Company, one of the largest chemical companies in Delaware.

  • Elizabeth Shue - $20 Million

    Top 10 Delaware’s Wealthiest People

    (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

    Elizabeth Shue was born in Wilmington, and is a renowned American actress. Among the most popular movies, she’s appeared in Karate Kid.

  • Ryan Phillippe - $30 Million

    Top 10 Delaware’s Wealthiest People

    (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Fanatics)

    Another actor, Ryan Phillippe, is one of the most popular celebrity faces in Delaware. He was born in New Castle County. Phillippe starred in movies such as, I Know What You Did Last Summer.

  • Robert W. Gore - $885 Million

    Robert W. Gore is a famous inventor and entrepreneur, who ran the family owned W. L. Gore & Associates. He was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and lived in Delaware. He received his bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Delaware.

  • Elizabeth Snyder - $885 Million

    The richest person in Delaware is Elizabeth Snyder, daughter of Wilbert and Genevieve Gore. She also earned her fortune from W. L. Gore & Associates. For those who don’t know, the Gore family created Gore-Tex, a waterproof fabric.

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