Labor Day weekend is upon us, and those booking last-minute flights might want some insight on which airports and airlines might delay their weekend plans. These are the Top 10 Airports For Delayed Departing Flights.

To learn which airports are most likely to cause delays and stress, the team at Price4Limo analyzed Labor Day weekend travel data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics between 2017-2021 to discover which airports and airlines have the most flight delays and cancellations.

JetBlue Ranks no. 1 for the Airline Most Likely to Experience Delays this Labor Day Weekend.   Overall JetBlue, Frontier, and Southwest had the most departure delays during Labor Day weekend for the past 5 YEARS.  They also found that an average of 1 in 5 JetBlue flights report being delayed on Labor Day weekend, the most out of any other airline over the last five years.

Americans Most Likely to Experience Travel Delays if Embarking from New Jersey This Labor Day Weekend.  Overall, Newark Liberty International Airport had THE MOST delayed departures and arrivals on Labor Day weekend, on average, over the last three years. Boston Logan International Airport and Santa Maria Airport in Brazil, followed second and third as airports with the most delayed departures.

Additionally, Florida also ranks twice in the top 10 airports for delayed departing flights, specifically from Ft Lauderdale and Tampa with MIA also making the list of top 10 airports for arriving flight delays.