(This picture of an Akita is not Spartacus, but rather a general image used for editorial purposes only. Please refer to video below to see Spartacus.)

After the devastating tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook, an Akita dog by the name of Spartacus ultimately created a new law in Connecticut which mandated that all victims of crisis have access to a pet therapy dog within the 24 hours of the crisis. Spartacus is a bigger dog, weighing in at about 125 pounds and he offered nothing but companionship to the kids, teachers, and families affected by the Sandy Hook shooting.

Spartacus helped one student in particular, who couldn’t return to school due to anxiety and fear. The first time she had left her home, Spartacus was allowed to come with her and helped her cope more easily. He stayed by her side the entire time, offering companionship and courage to the young girl.

Due to Spartacus’ incredible service, eventually Connecticut government officials mandated the law to give access to pet therapy programs to all victims of a crisis within 24 hours of the crisis.


As we acknowledge pet therapy heroes, we’d like to shine some light on the Pet Therapy Programs of Nemours Hospital for Children. Pet Therapy Programs help children and families handle stress, gain confidence, offer companionship, and safeguard overall health and well being. WJBR is proud to host Nemours Help Our Kids Radiothon this September, which will raise money and donations to benefit Nemours Hospital for Children and the programs, like pet therapy in which they provide. If you wish to donate now, you can on our website, by clicking here.

You can also donate to the Nemours Pet Therapy Programs by rounding up any purchases made at local Concord Pet Stores.

Pet Therapy Animals Comfort Those in Hospitals and Nursing Homes…


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