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Heard of the popular forehead guessing game, Heads Up or Hedbanz? This game is exceptionally fun and actually doesn’t require any exclusive materials you may not have right now.

What Is Heads Up?

Heads Up is a guessing game where an unknown object, person, place, etc., is written on a card, and is placed on someone’s forehead. The player with the card on their forehead attempts to guess what it is that is written on the card, by asking other players who are looking at this player’s forehead different questions to figure out what it is.

What You Need To Play:

  • Index Cards / Sticky Notes
  • Timer
  • Wide Imagination

How To Play and Win:

This games’ rules are much more determined by the players than one single way to play, so we’ll leave you with some freedom on how you would like to go about it, but we’ll list the different ways we can think of as well…

If you have someone who is sitting out of the game and will not playing, this step is incredibly beneficial. Have this person write about 50-100 cards (or more) of random things, animals, places, objects, people, etc. and keep it anonymous to other players. Shuffle the cards.

Now if you do not have anyone sitting out, and want to play every man for themselves, have each player write 20 cards (or more) and initial each card. These cards can be taken out when it is your turn or you can change the point system to keep things fair. (Cards with your own initials will be worth 1 point while cards with other players initials are worth 2 points)

If you play teams, use the opposing teams’ cards rather than the ones you have written yourself.

Points are awarded per correct guess.

Version 1:

When it is your turn, depending on how you want to play, teams or single (explained above) take the top 5 cards from the deck without looking at them and one at a time, hold it or stick it to your forehead for other players to see. Then for each card, ask questions until you figure out what you are. The trick is, all questions must be yes or no and other players (or teammates) can only answer when a question is asked, and must answer in yes or no. You can skip the card but you only have the 5 cards you took from the top of the deck to pass to. Meaning the most cards you can guess correctly each round is 5.

Version 2:

The only thing different in this version in comparison to version 1 is, other players give you clues as to what you are, rather than the person with the card on their forehead asking any questions to players. This is a great way to play with teams. You may find giving clues in this version to be a lot easier than version 1, so you may need to draw up many more cards.

Anyways, have fun with it, whether you play for points or just for fun! Enjoy!

Hollywood Kyle is the Digital Content Producer and Production Director of Mix 99.5 WJBR. Being a Delaware local, Kyle takes pride in his hometown and has had a love for music since a young age. Hollywood Kyle joins the Mix Morning Show for abstract thoughts and ideas during "Hollywood Kyle" segment around 9:40am Monday thru Friday.

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