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Fans of the young Rapper and Pop artist, Post Malone, have been expressing their concerns for his mental state and health. Suspicions suggest that he may be under the influence, telling from videos of his past performances where he was falling over, acting strange and wildly on stage.

One fan on Twitter (posted below) stated, “You can’t sit there and tell me that this is normal behaviour from Post, it’s not and the man needs help before something bad happens to him,” one fan captioned a series of videos showing Post’s strange behavior. “Whether it’s alcohol or drugs, he’s not using them for fun anymore, he’s abusing them. it’s too much now, people are worried. #postmalone.”

Whether drugs were involved is not confirmed, but fans have been reaching out to the artist asking “If you’re okay” and to “get him help.” Post Malone recently expressed his mental health state in GQ Style’s latest cover story. He stated, “Middle school, I would cry myself to sleep every f**kin’ day. High school, the same thing. I tried to drink some beers to get rid of that sh*t, but it just never goes away. And I don’t think that’s anybody’s fault; it has to do with something predisposed in you.”

Although he admitted the state of his mental health is a work in progress, he also stated that he realizes the dangers of self-medicating, seeing first hand the death of his friends Mac Miller, Lil Peep, and JuiceWRLD. He also said “I can talk about whatever I want in my songs, but face to face it’s difficult.”

Post Malone has yet to respond to any of his fans’ tweets or social outreaches.

Nothing has been confirmed thus far, whether abuse or substances are involved. Many fans also argue that it is all part of the performance to show the hurt that he’s seen through his friends who have actually passed.


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