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Deanna and Justin In The Morning

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Everyday we like to reflect on what we learned during the Morning Show. Join us for more wisdom weekdays from 5:30-10 !

  • We’re live at Wilmington Hospital as ChristianaCare attempts to vaccinate all 12,000 of their employees today for their #hitmewithyourflushot campaign. The flu shot takes two weeks to kick in, so consider getting it soon!


  • The Target at the Brandywine Town Center got flooded yesterday because of a water main break! The ceiling collapsed and the store was evacuated. Luckily, there were no injuries.


  • Today is National Pet Obesity Awareness day. Most dog parents don’t measure their dog’s kibble accurately and accidentally overfeed them.


  • Play station 5 is officially coming at the next year. It will feature new controllers and a refined sense of touch so users will be able to feel the difference between walking though mud and walking through grass.


  • Some people are good at communicating with squirrels. A woman said a squirrel came up to her and tugged on her pant leg and led her to her baby squirrel who was about to be attacked by a cat. The woman called police and police moved mom and baby squirrel to safe location.