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Deanna and Justin In The Morning

5:30am - 10:00am

Michael Waite and Jessie in the morning

Everyday we like to reflect on what we learned during the Morning Show. Join us for more wisdom tomorrow morning from 5:30-10 !

  • People are not as patient as they used to be thanks to technology. Respondents felt frustrated after waiting more than 16 seconds for a web page to load but 95% of people agree that patience is a virtue.


  • If you were worried about not being allowed to bring your pup to sit outside with you at a restaurant. There’s a new bill that will allow the restaurant to choose if they want to allow dogs on the patio.


  • The new iPhone will be introduced on September 10th! The iPhone 11, iPhone 11pro, and iPhone 11 pro max. They come in fun colors, but beware, the longer the name, the higher the price.


  • A vegan lady in Australia is going to go broke from legal fees. She wants to sue her neighbors for barbequing, smoking cigarettes, and allowing their kids to play basketball. The case was dismissed and an appeal was denied.



  • Hurricane Dorian has caused so much devastation in the Bahamas and it’s making its way North towards the Carolinas. There are some Hurricane heros. One woman in the Bahamas allowed 97 stray dogs to stay at her house during the storm, while a 6 year boy in South Carolina used money he saved for Disney to give out hotdogs and water to evacuees.