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  • Looking for the perfect gift for your anxious pup? Amazon now has weighted blankets for dogs. The canine coddler could also serve as a consolation prize if you feel a little bit guilty about traveling this holiday season.


  • If you plan on proposing in New York City, please, don’t do it over a time square drain. Police found a lucky couple’s ring after the unthinkable happened. The groom to-be was so excited that he dropped the ring down a drain.


  • Hosting holiday dinners can be very expensive, one mom is charging 23 dollars per head to try and alleviate the cost.


  • You may be inspired by certain Christmas classics when you’re decorating your home this holiday season. If you insist on hanging a Clark Griswold dummy from your roof, please leave a note that it is part of the display so people don’t panic.


  • Southwest is offering free inflight texting because God forbid we go a few hours without being able to text someone!