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A couple in Texas are the proud parents of two babies.

Their son and daughter were born three weeks apart, and developed in separate wombs.

That may sound strange at first, but in an age where surrogacy is becoming increasingly popular, stories such as these will undoubtedly become more and more the norm.

Andrea Valentine and her husband, James, tried to have a baby on their own for five years — To no avail.

According to WIS10, the couple turned to in vitro in the hopes of conceiving, but that also proved difficult.

Then, one of their neighbors offered to help by being a surrogate.

Shortly after, the Valentine’s received news that the procedure was successful and they were expecting via a surrogate.

Andrea had also had another one of her embryos implanted in her womb, and within days, she learned the procedure was successful.

Fast forward to this fall, and Britton and Kinsley both made their entrance into the world.

No doubt, the couple isn’t getting much sleep with two babies to care for, but in the midst of being sleep-deprived, they remain grateful and want to remind other couples who are having difficulty conceiving to rely on their faith.

Their story is proof that with a little patience, anything is possible.

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