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Netflix is the latest company to have a lawsuit filed against them, and we must say this one is rather interesting.

Let’s just start off by saying the lawsuit was filed by the Satanic Temple.

With that in mind, the Satanic Temple cites copyright infringement and trademark violations as the reason for the lawsuit.

According to Inc., the Satanic Temple is a religious group in New York City.

The group says that Netflix’s series “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” copied one of their statue’s called Baphomet.

Apparently, the statue was originally built in 2014 after the group collected close to $30,000 from supporters.

At the time, the Satanic Temple had planned to give the statue to Oklahoma, however, the state did not accept the “gift.”

The group now uses the statue during protests but is worried the association with the Netflix show could confuse potential supporters.

An organizer shared a post on Twitter of both statues, and they have striking similarities.

The Satanic Temple is seeking $150 million in the lawsuit.

Do you think they have a case?

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