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NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 15: The Nike 'swoosh' logo is displayed on the outside of the Nike SoHo store, June 15, 2017 in New York City. Nike announced plans on Thursday to cut about 2 percent of its global workforce. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

If you are anything like us, you believe you were meant to be a mermaid. Thanks to Nike’s new Air Force 1 Upstep Hi LX Sneakers, your feet will look like they were under the sea. Granted, these pairs are called “Glass Slippers”, we still think they look like something Ariel would wear in 2017.

The iridescent sneakers were released at the beginning of the month and are designed for women. According to Refinery29, this design is a “follow-up to this year’s Palest Purple shoes, which were the first to beat the Glass Slipper name.” Those original pairs were an Air Force 1 Upstep Low and have similar sequins. However, the shimmer was more of an iridescent silver.

These new mermaids meet Cinderella pairs are a high top, with more of a white, blue and pink shimmer. Nike calls the shoe’s sparkles a “Summer Shine”, which helps to give it a mermaid appeal.

Currently online for $200, Nike writes that the shoe is “framed in white, the sequined upper lets the light play over shades of pink and teal for a look that never stays still.” If we were wearing these shoes, we would never want to sit still! These pairs look as though they would glisten beautifully as you walked down the street.

The sneaker also offers “a raised outsole, high-cut silhouette and elevated details [that] come together in a luxe edition perfect for summer.”

Shockingly, these pairs are not sold out yet! However, we would not be shocked if, in the upcoming weeks, these would be hard to find. If you believe that these are going to be your perfect summer sneakers, then we definitely recommend grabbing them while they are still available! After all, for all those mermaids walking on land right now, these would definitely perfect your wardrobe.


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