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CARSON, CA - MAY 13: Katy Perry attends 102.7 KIIS FM's 2017 Wango Tango at StubHub Center on May 13, 2017 in Carson, California. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

Okay, so I know some of you really love Katy Perry, and I respect that. But there are a few points I need to make regarding the promotion of ‘Witness.’

Katy Perry went full-needy / grasping at straws when trying to promote her most recent album, including releasing some singles with lyrics that are less than flattering and are more for shock value, for shading multiple other people, trying to look cool/edgy, and when all else failed, played the Taylor Swift card.  We think she missed the mark – so check below to see 5 of those things that we think should have been done instead of what Katy chose to do.


Instead of “Swish Swish” at Taylor Swift – Promote Strong Female Notes Like “Hey Hey Hey”

Katy Perry knew her album was going to grasp at straws. She’s been so far removed, and “Chained To The Rhythm” received lackluster placement. So after doing everything else in her power to promote her album, she came to James Corden talking about the beef/feud. Bringing to light the ongoing pettiness between females, she aired the dirty laundry to gain attention, not because she really wants it to be over. She even changed the lyrics in her recent performance of “Swish Swish” to reflect a comment she made on Taylor Swift in an interview. She could have, instead, not played the victim and talked about how it’s hard to be a female in the media, and that everyone WANTS to see the petty drama, and that she wasn’t having any of it. That she was “Marilyn Monroe in a Monster Truck,” and how she was “feminine and soft,” but “still a boss” as the song “Hey Hey Hey” says. Because if she honestly felt that she was that strong, petty drama wouldn’t interest her.


Instead Of Trying To Fit Shocking Phrases, Choose Better Lyrical Content

Katy used to be such a great songwriter – and she had the chance, and let’s face it, the TIME to write better songs. Using phrases like “Your words are like Chinese Water Torture” in ‘Déjà Vu’, once again plays into so many different fails, including making light of something that happens to actual people in times of war, something that people may potentially have been damaged by. This was such an idiotic line of the song that indie Artist Sufjan Stevens, who has strange lyrics of his own, to lose his mind, and point out on his Tumblr “And y’all thought it was weird when I wrote, ‘Tuesday night at the Bible study….'” from his song “Casimir Pulaski Day.”

The Livestream Was Absolutely Uncomfortable and Unnecessary

Using a 96-hour live stream of her life makes us all a little uncomfortable in the first place, but literally, the only thing that comes from it is Katy says that she’s depressed and just wants to be loved. It’s hard to say whether Katy is actually suffering anxiety and depression issues, but it seems to come forward with that information like other pop stars in the past, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato to name a few, instead of showing what she’s doing to “heal” or “cope,” she’s pointing it out with no real resolution. She goes through this exercise, saying that she has been in therapy for the last 5 years, but the other point is she tries to make it seem like she’s trying to share the therapeutic process to help others. She notes that she wants to be “my authentic self, 100 percent,” and to be Katheryn Hudson, her real self,  but it’s hard to see that when she seems to have multiple personalities in the interview/therapy session with Dr. Siri Sat Nam Signh. Now, we don’t say this to make fun of anyone who has suicidal thoughts or depression – far from it, but being someone who suffers and had suffered from those things, Katy seems to be very non-genuine about her emotions – still putting on a show. The only part that seemed to be “genuine” was wanting a child.

Katy Perry - The Therapist on Viceland (Witness World Wide)

Katy Perry opens up to Dr. Siri Singh about the overwhelming pressures of being a popstar and a female in the public eye. For more of my stream watch now LIVE on YouTube: Subscribe on YouTube: Katy Perry is going on tour and she's bringing her boldest stage EVER.


Stop Trying To Be So Edgy When It’s Not Genuine

When “Wide Awake” turns to trying to look “so woke,” that’s when pop stars become exceedingly annoying. Many reports have echoed the idea that Katy is grasping at staying relevant, and nothing was so telling than her performance for “Swish Swish” on Saturday Night Live. Not only did Nicki Minaj bail on doing the performance sequence of her rap, Katy enlisted drag queens to try to make her show look more interesting. Not only did it fall short, and the drag queens looked as if they didn’t want to be there, we also found out that Migos, who were performing “Bon Appetit” with Katy didn’t want to be around the drag queens. Talk about un-progressive. Trying to grasp onto the LGBTQ community with her performance, and then bringing on people who are uncomfortable with such only made for a more uncomfortable walk of shame Sunday morning. On top of this, Katy’s constant cultural appropriation including her dancing when she was with Migos on set – it all fell flat like a teenage girl trying to stuff her bra to look like the senior girls.

We Were Hoping To See That Katy Hadn’t Lost Her Head – But We Already Saw It Coming

Somehow, we feel like Miley Cyrus’s ratchet alter-ego got attached to Katy Perry and left Miley’s body. And while we’d hoped that Katy’s album wouldn’t fall flat, she more so found ways for having people talk about her in the press without honoring her album. If anything, 90% of the reviews that have been released in the major press say that the album is a total failure. So what this really proved to any of us watching and listening – it’s that Katy Perry got stuck after “Roar,” and lost any bangers she could have released since. But what was really telling about Katy Perry’s mental state, was the comment she made about shaving her head at the GRAMMYs, making a nod to Britney Spears‘ famous breakdown. Well, not all breakdowns look like shaved heads, Katy…


All in all – Katy Perry, we wish you have good luck on YOUR JOURNEY, baby girl. Clearly, you’ve got some stuff to work on, but let’s hope when you come out next time, it’s more positive, less needy, and more put together.

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