Must Haves

Must Haves

Must Haves

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New Girl ran on FOX for seven seasons from September 2011 to May 2018. During that time, we all got to know a special group of friends. Those friends were Jessica Day, Schmidt, Winston Bishop, Coach, Cece, and, of course, Nick Miller.

Thanks to great writing and stellar acting from Jake Johnson, Nick Miller has turned into one of the internet’s most beloved sources of memes and other general hilarity. The character’s popularity really started to grow during the coronavirus pandemic. This was due in large part to many people binging the series.

It’s a phenomenon that Johnson himself is surprised about. He told Entertainment Weekly in August 2020, “It’s trippy because Nick Miller must be a slow-moving acquired taste because he was not the one people cared about when we were filming the show. So I wonder if in like 20 years people will be like, ‘I actually really love Nick Miller now.'”

Frankly, we don’t need two decades to know just how much we love this character. He’s easily one of the most absurd “every man” type characters that has ever existed. In hindsight, it’s absolute trash he was never nominated for an Emmy for his performance. However, we doubt Nick Miller would even care about the Emmys, even if he could wear his “Swuit” to the ceremony.

To celebrate a truly one-of-a-kind character, we’ve come up with a list featuring items we think Nick Miller would love. Of course, if you are offended by our choices, we’ll put a dollar in the jar.

  • Chicago Bears Helmet

    We opted for this Chicago Bears helmet mainly because we couldn’t find a Julius Peppers jersey being mass-produced anymore. (The defensive end was obviously the inspiration behind the name Julius Pepperwood, the main character of Nick’s book The Pepperwood Chronicles.)

    Anyway, while this helmet is very cool looking, remember that it is a replica and should not be worn to play actual football. Now, a game of “True American” on the other hand…

    Get It Now From NFL Shop
  • David's Cookies Assorted Fresh-Baked Decadent Cookie Tin


    Sure, none of these David’s Cookies have been bitten into the shape of a Star of David, but they still look delicious and, according to its listing, are Kosher. This 2-pound tin comes with eight cookies, so these babies are massive, like the love between Nick and Schmidt.

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • Gillette Antiperspirant Deodorant for Men - Clinical Clear Gel

    We all know that when Nick is trying to hide a secret, he starts sweating heavily on his back. Sure, applying this Gillette Clinical Protection antiperspirant to one’s back would be difficult, but Nick would figure out a way to do it.

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • 'Saved By The Bell' Shot Glass Set

    One of Nick Miller’s greatest one-liners came in season one, episode 18 when he started flirting with 20-year-old women: “Look at them! They don’t know what ‘Saved By The Bell’ is, and they’ve never felt pain!”

    What better way to commemorate such and iconic line than with this set of Saved By The Bell shot glasses? Truly, we can’t think of a better way!

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • Bob Seger T-shirt

    If you look closely at one of the walls of Nick Miller’s room inside the iconic 4D loft, you’ll see the album cover of Stranger in Town by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band. Obviously, we think Nick would like a t-shirt featuring that album’s artwork.

    Get It Now From Etsy
  • Prince 'HITnRUN' CD

    Nick Miller should absolutely own this Prince album. Why? It features “FallInLove2Nite,” which Jess sang with Prince when the whole gang partied with the music icon. It’s also marked the first time Nick and Jess said they loved each other.

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • Men's Casual V-Neck Sweater

    We think this sweater is like the one Russell lets Nick keep after he tries it on for no reason while visiting his house for the first time. Unfortunately, the smell of “leather, Teddy Roosevelt and wistfulness” are sold separately.

    Get It Now From Amazon

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