Must Haves

Must Haves

Must Haves

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It’s officially Football season. With NFL preseason now underway, many friend groups across the country will be gearing up for their fantasy football draft. And if you’re planning a draft party, we know you’re going to need a few things. So here are 22 things you need for your fantasy football draft party.

  • Draft Board

    You can’t forget the draft board. This board comes with the ability for 12 teams and up to 20 rounds, as well as 300 player labels including blanks and rookie cards.

  • Fantasy Football Wife

    Are you a fantasy football wife helping your partner plan their draft party? Then you’re going to love this tee. This fantasy football wife tee will be the perfect outfit for the draft party!

  • The Commissioner Tee

    If you’re planning the draft party, you’re most likely the commissioner. Why not show off your prowess with a fun Commissioner tee like this one. Plus this one made me laugh a few times.

  • Fantasy Commish Mug

    I mean, just imagine the look on your friends’ faces when you’re just waiting in your house holding your Commish mug and wearing your commish shirt? They know the season is about to be really competitive.

  • Inflatable Ring Toss Hat

    If you need a break from the drafting process why not have some fun with an inflatable ring toss hat. Heck, you can even have last year’s loser wear it first as a way to shun them just a little bit longer. 

  • Fantasy League War Room Flag

    Ready the war room with this awesome Fantasy League War Room flag. Your draft party will feel even more complete with something like this. 

  • I Suck At Fantasy Football Tee

    Need a tee that represents your brand as the league’s worst player? We got one here. We love this “I Suck At Fantasy Football” tee. It’s definitely one that you wear around your friends. 

  • Who Would Jesus Draft Tee

    Another great fantasy football draft party tee. Maybe it will even help you pick the best team possible. 

  • Draft Party Cups

    One fun idea for your draft party is to make a grab bag of essentials for your buddies. These draft cups are the perfect way to determine your picking order. The 14-ounce cup has a scratchable design on the football that gives you and your guests their drafting order. 

  • Mini Football Stress Balls

    We all know that football season gets rough, especially when players get injured. Help your guys out with these mini football stress balls. Someone is sure to thank you for it.

  • Draft Koozies

    Who doesn’t love a fun koozie for your beer? These draft party koozies are a great party gift and can be used for many other occasions. Plus the fun “Friends Don’t Let Friends Draft Drunk” graphic is one of our favorites. 

  • League Name Personalized Beer Glasses

    Want a personalized beer glass for your friends? Get some customizable beer glasses for them! These are very nice and classic-looking glasses that will make a great addition to any home bar setup.

  • Draft Party Drawstring Bags

    Now that you’ve picked out all of your grab bag gifts for your draft party now you need the bag. This drawstring bag is a perfect fit. It’s a fun bag that be used for many other events afterward. 

  • Printable Signs

    Now that you’ve got your wardrobe and favors down, you gotta have the proper fantasy football draft party decorations and snack holders. These printable signs are great for putting your WIFI password, labeling beer or the bar. 

  • Football Themed Party Supplies

    Don’t forget the plates and cutlery. What’s a draft party without a theme? These football cups, plates, and napkins are great and disposable afterward so you don’t have to spend hours of washing dishes.

  • Football Table Cloths

    A perfect find for your snack table! These football field table cloths are great for any long table you’ll have set up for your fantasy draft party. 

  • Wooden Football Serving Board

    Looking for a fun serving tray for meats and cheese? This wooden football serving board can also double as a cutting board and will make the perfect serving tray for your party.

  • Stadium Food Tray

    Get ready for a food tray that can hold multiple snacks. This disposable party tray is shaped liked a stadium that can be easily set up very quickly. Each corner can hold anything from chips, dips, to even thinglike fries and pretzels.

  • Football Condiment Tray

    Have more spreads or snacks you need a bowl for? This three-section condiment tray is the perfect addition to your food setup.

  • Inflatable Beer Buffet Cooler

    And of course, you need a cooler! Where else are you going to store all your drinks and cold things? I love these buffet coolers because they work really well for a visual. I don’t like having to sift around melted ice and water to find my favorite drink. These buffet coolers allow you to display everything much easier. 

  • Winner’s T-shirt

    We all know that at the very end of the season there is a winner that needs to be crowned. This Champion tee is a great incentive piece and it’s gonna be perfect for bragging rights in the end. 

  • Fantasy Football League Winner & Last Place Trophy

    Last, but certainly not least, you’re going to want a Fantasy Football League Winner trophy. This one is made to look just like the Super Bowl Lombardi trophyPlus, you can get this personalized and engraved. And don’t forget that last place toilet trophy. It’s a fun and hilarious way to end the season with a bang. 

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