Must Haves

Must Haves

Must Haves

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I have been a bookworm since about the age of thirteen. Last year, I read over 170 books. Yeah, it’s a lot. If I’m not sitting down and reading I’m listening to an audiobook. But being a bookworm doesn’t have to mean you read over a hundred books in a year. It simply means you love reading. And honestly, over the past year, I’ve found some amazing bookish items that every bookworm needs.

  • Bookish Themed Bookmark

    What is a bookish-themed bookmark you might ask? It basically just means your favorite fandom or book series on a bookmark. I have so many different bookmarks from my favorite series like Throne of Glass, Stalking Jack the Ripper, and so many more. But you can get a bookmark in any style. These are perfect for fall! 

  • Book Sleeves

    Holy cow y’all, do I love my book sleeves. I have six right now and the best part about them is how safe they keep your books. I take a bunch of books with me when I go on vacation. And I’m always worried about bending the covers or get the pages ruined. Book sleeves make books easier to pack and keep your books safe. These sleeves from BookBestieUK on Etsy are my favorites. They’re highquality fabric and there are so many design choices. 

  • Book Stamp

    If you’re a book collector like me you’re going to love this idea! A personalized book stamp for your library is such a fun and cute idea for any booklover. I have a book stamp and I absolutely love having it. It’s really great being able to stamp my books and put them with my collection. 

  • Book Candles

    Who doesn’t love setting the mood for reading? These candles from Briar Wick are my favorite! They have tons of different bookish candles inspired by amazing stories. This one is inspired simply by bookworms like us. This scent is tropical melon, coconut and figs. 

  • Reading Journal

    I love keeping track of all the books I read in a year. Whether its on Goodreads or just in a cute reading journal like this one. I’m always keeping track of it. This reading journal has 176 pages for you to fill it up! It has a spot for everything like your ratings, a summary, favorite quotes and so much more. 

  • Book face mask

    I wouldn’t be a good bookworm is I didn’t include a bookish face mask. This one is Harry Potter-themed and comes with two filters. Perfect to wear around the library or the bookstore. 

  • My Weekend Is Booked Tee

    Blissfully Bookish is one of my favorite bookish merch companies. They have so many fun t-shirt designs that you can get in so many different styles and sizes. This one is perfect for book lovers everywhere.

  • Book Embosser

    Looking for an alternative to the book stamp? Then a book embosser is a way to go. I also have a book embosser that I absolutely love. It’s personalized to say that it’s from my library and I absolutely love it. I like having the option to either emboss or stamp my books because it’s a fun variety.

  • Book Earrings

    We all have a favorite book. It might be hard to choose sometimes but we all have a favorite. This company lets you put your favorite book on a pair of adorable book earrings. This would make a fun gift for any book lover. 

  • Page Holders

    These have been making a splash on BookTok (aka Book TikTok) and they’re actually really great. For anyone who has ever read a book over 500 pages you know that sometimes they can be heavy. And sometimes you have to set the book on your lap or bed while you read it. These page holders are a way to help you hold your page. This one comes in four different shape designs and gorgeous floral patterns. 

  • Library Card Coasters

    Who says your bookish items need to be for your books specifically? These fun library card coasters are the perfect item for any bibliophile’s household. Plus I really do miss library cards like this, it has me very nostalgic. 

  • Blind Date with a Book

    Another fun item for book lovers are these blind dates with a book. The old adage “don’t judge a book by its cover” is the inspiration for this fun idea. You pick the genre you want to read and they’ll send you the book. Who knows maybe youll just find your next favorite read with it.

  • Bookish Mug

    This mug had me laughing really hard. Bookmarks aren’t for quitters, but if you’re me who physically hates having to put a book down this is the perfect item. This was an instant cart-add for me!

  • TBR Canvas Organizer

    My TBR (To Be Read) pile is bigger than I can ever manage. However, I love this canvas organizer because it would force me to pick out what I’m reading next which sometimes I need. This comes in two different color and multiple fonts. 

  • Book light

    Okay, friends, this is my book light. Like the one I will always use no matter what and here’s why: 1) It has three different light tones. I can have a nice warm light, a natural light, and an LED, all have different benefits. It also has 3 different brightness settings. 2) it’s rechargeable! No need to worry about batteries. It will last for a while too. I like to read before bed and sometimes I stay up longer than I want to. It can last me a few weeks just on charge through two- and three-hour reading sessions. 

  • Bookshelves

    You can never have enough bookshelves. This is my motto of life. And it’s because my other life motto is you can never have too many books.

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