Eric Johnson

2:00pm - 7:00pm

July 25, 2022 is Christmas In July and we are celebrating all day on Mix 99.5 WJBR!

Our yearly tradition of playing non-stop Christmas music on Christmas In July continues today until 7pm!  We think we are doing our part to help break the heatwave as it seems playing all this Christmas music is moving a cold front in our direction and things will finally begin to cool off this evening!

If our WJBR Facebook page is any indication, our wonderful listeners are enjoying it!

Here I offer 5 suggestions on how to have a meaningful Christmas In July celebration with your family and friends!

Thanks for listening!   

  • #1. Listen to Christmas Music on WJBR

    It’s a yearly tradition at 99.5 FM! Just turn on the radio, listen to the app, or or say Alexa Open JBR! Research as shown that listening to the holiday hits gives you a better sense of well being and gets you feeling good! Anytime of year! 82nd Annual Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

  • #2. Christmas Shop Shop Shop

    It’s never too early to start planning for Christmas 2022!  I mean come on, there are only 183 shopping days to go!  If anything Christmas In July can accomplish, is getting to to think about the real season and those you love!   Think hard about the hints your friends and family have dropped since last Christmas, then get online, or over to your favorite retailer…and start shopping.   Many retailers are offering Christmas In July specials!  Christmas shopping

  • #3. Bake Christmas Cookies

    Christmas cookies, especially my favorite chocolate chip, are great anytime of year!  Provided your air conditioning is working, get in the kitchen, preheat your oven to  350 and get to baking! cookies

  • #4. Enjoy a Christmas Cocktail

    How about a nice Christmas In July cocktail?  Maybe something nice and cool…and refreshing?  Just this past Friday night my wife and I were out and enjoyed some summery margaritas.  She had a Watermelon Margarita (was it inspired by Harry Styles ‘Water Mellon Sugar’?)  I had Pineapple Margarita.  I figure if you add a little red food dye, it’s Christmasy!   The folks at Taste of Home have a great list of Christmas In July Cocktails!  Cheers!  Hands young and old celebrating making a toast and clinking cocktail glasses with margaritas and mojito alcoholic drinks at celebration

  • #5. Random Acts Of Kindness

    Acts of kindness are awesome anytime of year and a day like Christmas In July serves as a reminder to do nice things and treat people how we want to be treated.   Donate food to a shelter, bring someone coffee, send someone a nice text or email, hold the door open for them, bring someone a small gift of appreciation, do a “pay it forward” at a drive thru.  There are countless ways you can make at least one person feel better today…Christmas In July!