LoveFood put together a list of the most expensive restaurants in each state. To get to each state’s conclusion the site found the most expensive main course offered at restaurants around the country.

So what restaurant took the #1 spot for Delaware?

Sullivan’s Steakhouse right here in Wilmington.

“A wagyu bone-in strip steak costs $69 at Sullivan’s, and that’s just the meat. Sides, sauces and other upgrades (like crab-stuffed shrimp) will set you back a little extra, so by the time you’ve added appetizers, desserts and drinks, the bill is likely to be a pretty hefty one. These are top-notch ingredients, though, so diners won’t feel short-changed”, according to LoveFood.

For those of you in states neighboring Delaware, check out your most expensive restaurants below.


  • Pennsylvania

    Barclay Prime in Philadelphia

  • New Jersey

    Varka in Ramsey

  • Maryland

    Bygone in Baltimore