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Las Vegas is no stranger to being known as the “Sin City.” But now, neither is Wilmington and Dover, Delaware.

WalletHub ranked the top 180 cities in the United States based on 37 “evil deeds.” Their findings are based on factors of anger & hate, jealousy, excesses & vices, avarice, lust, vanity, and laziness.  Wilmington comes in at number 31 and Dover comes in at number 68.  Also on the list are Philadelphia at number 6 and Baltimore at number 15.

Here are the TOP 10 ‘Most Sinful Cities in America’

  • 10. Memphis, TN

  • 9. Chicago, IL

  • 8. Miami, FL

  • 7. Atlanta, GA

  • 6. Philadelphia, PA

  • 5. Denver, CO

  • 4. Los Angeles, CA

  • 3. Houston, TX

  • 2. St. Louis, MO

  • 1. Las Vegas, NV