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Trader Joe’s Holiday Line-Up Will Have You Rushing Over There.

There’s a lot of holiday items that appear just once a year. You have to grab them as soon as you see them because you know they’ll run out fast.

Now is the time to stock up on hot ticket items like peppermint mocha coffee creamer and egg nog. Yum!

Amongst many of our favorites is some of the best Trader Joe’s exclusives.

We love their prices and their end of the aisle surprises. Their twist on seasonal favorites has us coming back for more every year.

Trader Joe’s has one of the best selections of nuts and cheese to make your “CharcuTREE” this holiday season. Their affordable frozen meats are also a regular purchase for many of us, especially if you have a storage freezer.

This is a great time to stock up on your favorites if you have family coming in for the holidays.

We can’t say enough good things about TJ’s proprietary spins on classic favorites like the Grump Tree, which is their grinch inspired decorative tree.

Justin even brought some of them into the studio for everyone. We were all excited by the conveniently shaped gingerbread cookie men who hang on your mug!

Trader Joe’s Holiday Line-Up Will Have You Rushing Over There. Grab these hot items now while there’s still time. You are sure to find something for everyone in your house. If you’re attending a few holiday parties, this should definitely be a stop along the way. You’re guaranteed to find a great contribution as a guest or even a gift for the host/hostess!

In addition to the list below of  Trader Joe’s Holiday Line-Up Will Have You Rushing Over There,  you can also find:

flavored hot chocolates

candy canes

cough drops and supplements

chilis and soups

seasonal desserts

seasonal appetizers and so much more!


  • Dark Chocolate Covered Gingerbread Cookie Folk

    These TJ’s cookies are a holiday twist on their chocolate covered Lebkuchen cookie. No orange peels or nuts, just their recreated gingerbread flavor.

  • Candy Cane Joe-Joes

    Who doesn’t love oreos? Especially if they’re peppermint-vanilla flavored.

  • Sparling Cranberry Ginger Beverage

    Cranberry Gingerale is a popular holiday go-to and this TJ’s fave stands up to the rest of them.

  • Gingerbread Ice Cream

    Who wouldn’t love a dallop of this next to some christmas cookies?

  • O'Nog Non-Dairy Oat Beverage

    Eggnog is a holiday staple and this plant based choice is a great option!

  • Jingle Jangle Pretzel Twists

  • Sugar Plum Sparkling Beverage

    Great for a mocktail or a signature cocktail at your next holiday gathering!

  • Favorite Sweets An Inspired Truffle Collection

    Putting together cookie and candy trays? Add these in!

  • Holiday Bow-Wow Brunch Dog Treats

    The pup deserves some holiday love too, and they’re free of rawhide!

  • Gluten Free Triple Ginger Muffins

    We can’t forget about our Gfree friends!

  • Gingerbread Coffee

    It doesn’t get more cozy than this!

  • Red Pepper, Cranberry, and Walnut Dip

    Need a dish for a party? This will be a hit!

  • Candy Cane Green Tea

    Stay warm and festive with this delicious guilt-free afternoon pick-me-up!