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The Top 10 smelliest states in the United States of America may come as a surprise to some. But for those who live in the listed states below, they can probably agree with the ranking. Delaware actually does make the list, along with some of its neighbors. (So we’re basically just living in a cesspool of filth).

The research listed below, comes from Zippia. To rank the states, they first looked at percentage of land to landfill in all 50 states, as well as the quality of air. After conducting this research, they then made the rankings more finite by looking into population density and dental health to measure bad breath.

  • 10. Mississippi

    Mississippi makes the top 10, at #10 for most smelliest states. According to Zippia’s research, Mississippi has the worst oral health. And with bad dental health, comes bad breath.

  • 9. Pennsylvania

    Delaware’s neighbors, Pennsylvania, is a very crowded state. If you take into account the population density, you’re bound to get some smells that aren’t too pleasant.

  • 8. New York

    Similar to Pennsylvania, New York becomes even more crowded and smelly. If you’ve ever been, you’ve seen the trash on the sidewalks. You can’t go to New York without seeing it somewhere.

  • 7. New Jersey

    New Jersey has more trash than they know what to do with apparently. They have the highest percentage of landfill to land in the whole country.

  • 6. Alabama

    Alabama makes the list based solely on their poor air quality. Doesn’t help that they have pretty poor dental hygiene too.

  • 5. Massachusetts

    All factors combined, Massachusetts makes the list of smelliest states at number 5. Many people, poor air quality, bad hygiene, all play a role in this stinky state.

  • 4. Delaware

    Delaware makes the list! Almost top 3…rats. Delaware, like New Jersey, has a trash problem. Delaware is home to more landfill than many other states.

  • 3. Florida

    I’m sure the constant heat doesn’t help Florida’s stench at all. The thought of trash baking in the hot sun makes me want to gag. Mind you, many people are sweating…constantly.

  • 2. California

    California’s hipsters aren’t wearing deodorant! Just kidding. California is said to have some of the worst air quality in the country.

  • 1. Maryland

    The East Coast really is a stinky place. Maryland takes the cake at number 1 according to Zippia. All factors combined, plus their love of seafood makes this smaller state a very stinky one. In fact, the stinkiest, smelliest state out of all 50 states.

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