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Everyone wants to know the Top 10 Laziest Dog Breeds in the world. Because who doesn’t love a lazy dog? A furry friend you can pet and give belly rubs to, who can argue with that!

Whereas a human sleeps an average 7-9 hours every night, the average dog sleeps 12-14 hours every day. As a matter of fact, the average dog sleeps 50% of their life. Although it may not seem like they’re sleeping, they do get their rest. And don’t be fooled, lazy dogs enjoy exercise and a good walk just as much as energetic and hyper dog breeds. A daily walk is important for gut health, mental, and physical stability for dogs.

Maybe you think having your own lazy dog would be boring. But there are actually many great benefits to having such a relaxed dog in your household. These benefits include lower stress, longer lifespan, and less maintenance.

You’ll also be surprised to find that most of the dogs that are the laziest, are bigger dogs. They truly don’t understand their size and they want to be lap dogs while weighing around 200 pounds. Big or small the list below reveals which are the laziest dog breeds.

I’ve already covered the top 10 dumbest dogs, and now it’s time to see which pup makes the list for the top 10 laziest dog breeds.

  • English Bulldog

    English bulldogs
    I think we can all agree that the English Bulldog serves as the staple for laziest dogs. All that loose, flubbery skin, and droopy, cuddly eyes makes you want to yawn and take a nap yourself. Bulldogs are known to be a very gentle, caring, and funny dog breed. Due to the extra amount of skin and weight a bulldog can obtain, it’s very important to keep them healthy and fit with daily exercise…if they’re willing.

  • Saint Bernard

    Saint Bernard
    The Saint Bernard shares those same droopy eyes as the English Bulldog, along with lazy characteristics. The Saint Bernard enjoys a slow-paced life with very little stress. They make great companions, especially with young children in your family. For this reason, they are known as the “nanny dog.”

  • Basset Hound

    Basset Hound
    Once again, those droopy eyes come into play. I think we’re seeing a trend here. Basset Hounds also come with a great additional feature to make them extra cute – little stubby legs and a long body. Although they’re excellent hunting dogs, when they’re outside of their duck-chasing element, they become very calm and snuggly.

  • Pekingese

    The Pekingese looks like a giant furball. And beneath that fur is a big heart and mellow personality. The Pekingese makes a great apartment dog, because they could really care less about running in the yard. They like to lap up and sleep through the day.

  • Chow Chow

    Chow Chow
    Chow Chows are super cute. But don’t be fooled. They actually have a little bit of an attitude problem. They like to make jokes with you constantly and are very arrogant, in an adorable way obviously. Chow Chows live to sleep, eat, and annoy you until you can’t help but laugh.

  • Pug

    Pug in suit
    Another lazy dog breed is the Pug. In under 15 pounds, on average, there’s a ton of personality within Pugs. Not all pugs are incredibly lazy, but some actually get the trait from being connected in their bloodline to the Pekingese.

  • Tibetan Mastiff

    Tibetan MastiffStanding tall and stature, much like a close relative to the Saint Bernard, the Tibetan Mastiff is a giant teddy bear. Originally from the Himalayas, they’re most comfortable lying around inside for most, if not all, of the day. 

  • Great Dane

    Great Dane and Pug
    Even though the Great Dane is called the “horse sized dog” they actually are lap dogs. Giant lap dogs. They don’t know their own size which makes it super funny to cuddle up to them. Great Danes are very docile and calm in nature.

  • Shih Tzu

    Shih Tzu
    Shih Tzu’s make for great sleepers. They actually snore too, like English Bulldogs, just not as loud. Shih Tzu’s are known to grunt when they are happy as well. They’re low maintenance and make a great house pet.

  • Newfoundland

    The Newfoundland typically weighs in at about 150 pounds. They also like to stretch out and have their own space. So don’t try to cuddle for too long or they might just kick you off the bed. Fun fact, Newfoundland’s are natural born swimmers and absolutely adore the water.

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