Frosty beer at Ball game

Summer is nearly here and it’s time to plan those summer trips. Maybe you plan to catch a Phillies game or a different time while on vacay at an out of town stadium?

So what about grabbing a beer at an out of town ballpark? Por que no los dos? But how much is it? In some research done by Vinepair, the price of beer varies greatly across the stadiums. And the price of a beer seems to be totally unrelated to how good the team is. The Rockies are playing above .500 ball and they have the lowest priced beer on this list. They could charge more. The Yankees are charging 6 bucks and the fans are throwing them in the outfield. Maybe a lower priced option should be available? The Reds have no business charging for beer at all. They should make beer free to anyone willing to buy a ticket. And the beer should be brought to me. With peanuts. Enough with the conjecture. Let’s analyze the price of beer at each of the Major League Baseball stadiums.

Pretty simple, team name, lowest beer price, fun picture.