If you’re headed to the Mixtape Tour with New Kids On The Block on Wednesday, you’ll for sure want to check this out.   Obviously, this set list could change, but with all the work that goes into these shows, it’s highly unlikely!

The New Kids On The Block, along with Salt-N-Pepa, En Vogue and Rick Astley were in Detroit last night (Friday, June 24, 2022), and here’s what you can expect when the Mixtape Tour rolls into Philadelphia on Wednesday, June 29th.

These are the top most played songs by New Kids on the Block and the other performers, in the last 40 concerts, according to Concerty.com.

Like we said, this is not all of the songs you’ll hear, but it’s a good start!  I’m so excited.  Can we go right now? I mean, I have only been to 6 shows since NKOTB decided to fire things up over a decade ago.  Is that a lot?

We know shipping can take some time, but check out these New Kids On The Block must haves that can get you ready for the show.  And, if not for the show, you might come back for all the right stuff after the show.  See what we did there?  Haha




  • New Kids On The Block

  • "Block Party"

  • "My Favorite Girl"

  • "Dirty Dancing"

  • "Summertime"

  • "Cover Girl"

  • "You Got It (The Right Stuff)"

  • " Please Don't Go Girl"

  • "Games"

  • "Tonight"

  • "Baby, I Believe In You"

  • "Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)"

  • "Valentine Girl"

  • "If You Go Away"

  • "I'll Be Loving You (Forever)"

  • "Step By Step"

  • En Vogue

  • "My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)"

  • "Free Your Mind"

  • "Don't Let Go"

  • Rick Astley

  • "Together Forever"

  • " It Would Take A Strong Strong Man"

  • "Never Gonna Give You Up"

  • "Cry For Help"

  • Salt-N-Pepa

  • "None Of Your Business"

  • " Expression"

  • "Let's Talk About Sex"

  • "Shake Your Thang"

  • "Whatta Man"

  • What Else You Might Hear

  • "Don't Let Go"

  • "Shoop"