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There’s no mistaking it, the holidays can be a little crazy. That’s why we’ve put together some helpful tips on How To Deal With The Post-Holiday Slump.

You’ve spent hours, days, even weeks preparing for the holidays. You have been running around to all different stores making sure everyone is taken care of.

Whether or not you hosted a holiday meal, you sure enough have seen your share of Christmas leftovers.

Tis the time of the season to eat, drink and be merry. But what happens when the merry part goes away and you just feel sluggish?

It’s easy to feel hungover from the holidays even if you didn’t drink.

It’s an exhausting time of year. We have a tendency to stress ourselves out making sure that everything is perfect.

The fact of the matter is, you are most likely either dehydrated or exhausted…or BOTH!

According to, the post-holiday slump is a real psychological condition. It’s based on the chemical comedown from the ‘high’ that is the holiday season.

Mix the comedown off of dopamine with dreary days and you are DOOMED.

So how do you beat it?

“When the exciting season is over and you’re back to a regular routine, the resulting lower dopamine levels can lead to a mood crash”, as explained on

The good news is, the slump shouldn’t last long. And you can beat it by keeping in mind just a couple key points.

This is temporary. It’s ok to feel this way. You will recover.

Try not to beat yourself up if you don’t feel like doing anything or you have a day (or even a few days) that are completely unproductive.

Also keep in mind, that you don’t want to live in the slump even though it’s ok to temporarily lean into it.

Try these easy tricks to get yourself out of the funk. How To Deal With The Post-Holiday Slump



  • Plan Your Next Vacation

    Give yourself something fun to focus on. Plan a trip in the new year. Spending just a couple hours on where you might travel next, can help to lift your mood and forget about the gloomy weather.

  • Make Notes For Next Year's Gifts

    Did you notice that someone didn’t receive something they were wishing for? Or were you with a family member who mentioned receiving a gift they didn’t like?
    Take Notes! Make your holiday shopping a little easier on yourself next year and refer back to your notes when you start checking off your list.

  • Aromatherapy

    Bring a desktop size oil diffuser or a small humidifier into work. If the air is dry, the lights are harsh or the mood is stiff, do something for your well-being to help make your office space a cozy one. Bring in some holiday spice tea that you can drink versus the 5th cup of coffee that will most likely make you crash.

    Give your eyes a break from your computer screen and walk around the building.

    A little break goes a long way.

  • Get A Massage

    If you can spare the expense, go in for a little R&R.

    A 30 minute massage can work wonders for your tired muscles and overactive brain. An hour is even better!

  • Add Water To Your Routine

    Chances are you’re probably a little dehydrated. You’ve been running around in the cold, eating and drinking more than usual.

    Try starting your morning with a glass of temped water and a tiny bit of salt. Replace your electrolytes naturally, pop a Vitamin D capsule and opt for another glass of water at lunch. Staying hydrated can help boost your mood and improve your sleep.