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The Countdown To Christmas Chaos Is Here. It’s Time…for the Paindeer Games. Deanna and Justin’s Paindeer Games are underway.

Deanna And Justin’s Paindeer Games Will Determine Who Can Hack It In The Household Chores

It’s a week full of competition, household skills, and who’s man enough to handle the chores of a homemaker.

Who will reign as the victor?

The Paindeer Games separate the men from the boys. Deanna will act as Master of Ceremonies as we put Justin and Kyle to the task of getting ready for the holidays.

Check here for daily updates of what each day entailed and who won in the round.

The games consist of:

Answering Christmas Trivia

Wrapping Presents

Cleaning Up/ Preparing For Guests

Food Prepping

Sounds simple right? WRONG

Not only will Kyle and Justin be timed in their efforts and judged on their results, but they will have to complete it all while enduring the pain and suffering that almost every woman has had to endure.

Tune in at 8am every day to hear the chaos and view the video proof below.

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What else are the holidays for if not some friendly competition and bragging rights?


  • Monday- Waxing In A Winter Wonderland

    Justin and Kyle answered a series of Christmas themed trivia questions. For every incorrect answer, they waxed a strip of leg hair.

    Check out the teaser video for now. The FULL video will be up shortly with the winner…






  • Tuesday- Wreck Your Nails With Boughs Of Holly

    Justin and Kyle raced to see who could wrap a present better and without breaking a nail! Yes they wore press on nails. It didn’t  work out for Justin the way he had hoped.

    See the teaser, and check out the full video later this week.




  • Wednesday- Have Yourself A Meaty Little Christmas

    Can Justin and Kyle recreate this CharcuterWreath from memory? We’ll find out!

    Charcuterie Challenge



  • I'll be HomeMAKER for the Holidays

    Who can clean up in time for guests to arrive and do it the fastest?

    Justin and Kyle go head to head in being a homemaker.



    I’ll Be HomeMAKER For The Holidays


  • Merry Crampsmas

    Simulating monthly cramp pain on Justin and Kyle as they try to recite “The Night Before Christmas”.


    Who can do it without sounding like they are in pain?


    Merry Crampsmas