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We’ve been telling you where to find all of the not so healthy food items in Delaware, the best burger, the best chicken wings, the best chili, the best nachos.  But, how about a more healthy option, like salad?

The crew over at, found the best salad in each state across the country.

With the help of YELP and local publications in each state, with a combination of highly recommended restaurants alongside their most-reviewed salad dishes, they completed the list.

The Best Salads In Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland are found below.


  • DELAWARE: Tamari Salad Bowl at Roots Natural Kitchen in Newark

  • PENNSYLVANIA: Poached Pear Salad at Karla's Restaurant in New Hope

  • NEW JERSEY: Broken Girl Salad at Tony Boloney's in Hoboken

  • MARYLAND: Antioxidant Salad at Urban Plates in Columbia