vintage furniture kitchen and a black and white chair or stool

Homes Of University of Delaware Students Featured On TikTok channel College Cribz.  This account appears to be a fairly new Tik Tok channel that takes followers on tours of exactly what the page is called, College Cribz.  The account now has nearly 40,000 followers with just over 20 posts and half a million likes.   The bio on the page reads “Trashy Cribs, Classy Kids”

“Cribz” at the University of Delaware are featured in several episodes.   Other schools on the channel are Rowan College in Glassboro, NJ and Iona University in New Rochelle, NY, among a couple of others.  To say these “cribz” are less than desirable would be a major understatement.  Take a look at some of the “cribz” they’ve toured from U of D.