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It’s almost here: Thanksgiving! Let the debate begin! Here’s Delaware’s Top 5 Thanksgiving Side Dishes.

The sides really make the meal! We fret about the turkey but the stuffing and cranberry sauce could really send the meal off the rails.

Luckily the internet can settle all debates on which side dishes are best!

Not a shocking revelation but mashed potatoes reign kind in 9 state’s including Delaware.

“Right behind mashed potatoes is rolls- 4 states know that it’s not Thanksgiving without flaky, delicious bread” according to Zippia.

Stuffed mushrooms came in as New Jersey’s favorite side dish while Pennsylvania loves their stuffing.

Maryland’s favorite side was collard greens.

Here’s Delaware’s Top 5 Thanksgiving Side Dishes:

  • 5. Cranberry Sauce


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  • 4. Corn Bread


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  • 3. Brussel Sprouts

    Dunbar Brussel Sprout Farm Prepares Veg For Christmas

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  • 2. Baked Sweet Potato

    Volunteers Prepare Thanksgiving Meals For The Needy

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  • 1. Mashed Potatoes

    Family gathers for a meal

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