So, as I have said before, there really is a day of recognition for almost everything.  So why not include Cheesecake?  Saturday, July 30th is National Cheesecake Day.  And, according to the crew over at Eat This Not That, Delaware’s favorite cheesecake is found in Newark.

Bing’s Bakery is taking home the prize this year.  Not only are they home to Delaware’s favorite cheesecake, they’re also the oldest bakery here in the First State.  They’ve been serving up their delicious desserts since 1871.  That’s over 150 years .

Here’s a little history behind Bing’s, according to their website.

Bing’s Bakery has been running year after year since 1871 when it was originally called Fader’s Bakery.  Gotleib Fader, founded and delivered baked goods in a horse-drawn wagon, and sold from their home’s storefront.  Russell and Selena Bing purchased the bakery from the Fader’s in 1946 and changed the name to Bing’s Bakery.  In 2005, head baker Tom Guzzi and his wife, Carla, purchased Bing’s Bakery where we continue to produce quality baked goods.

So, how about the best cheesecake in our neighboring states of Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey?  Of course we can’t leave them out.  Take a look at their favorite locations listed below.