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What some people may consider pests are considered by others to be a pet, like a mouse or a rat.  Some people are even brave enough to bring a spider or snake home.  Good for them.  Delaware’s #1 Dreaded Pest may not be a pet, but it could be in your home.

Everyone reacts different and has their own fears and phobias when it comes to the creepy and crawly.  Some people are just flat out disgusted by them all.  The group at PestStrategies put together a list of the most dreaded little pests in each state.

In their findings, they concluded that cockroaches are the most dreaded in the US.  33% of men like to crush the little guys and 25% of women ask for help in getting rid of the pests.

Take a look at the list below to find out which pet is dreaded most in Delaware.  We’ve also included Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey.

  • Delaware - Bed Bugs

  • Pennsylvania - Cockroaches

  • Maryland - Cockroaches

  • New Jersey - Cockroaches