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It’s that time of year again! Get out the decorations and maybe add some of these Delaware themed ornaments to your tree.

Ornaments are passed down through generations, so why not start a new tradition with these quirky decorations?

While searching for gifts on Etsy I came across a store called Jawnaments.  I was honestly shocked!  How cool is this?  And the name Jawnaments is hilarious.  Our tiny little state is represented so well.

Check out all of Jawnaments creations in their store front on Etsy.

The owner of the Etsy shops makes Philly and the surrounding area themed ornaments for your Christmas tree.  If you’re from Philly, you’ll love the Mummer’s and Reading Terminal ornaments.

Hopefully you’ll be able to find a spot on your tree to add some or all of these Delaware themed ornaments.

How cool would an all Delaware tree be?  We might be on to something here for the WJBR studio.  We are Delaware’s Christmas Station after all.