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10 Places In Delaware To Find Gas Under $3.00

With the prices of gas being so unpredictable right now, it’s nice to have a break right before the holidays.

For a while, gas prices kept climbing up and it looked like there was no end in sight.

Over the last week or so however, it looks like we’re getting closer and closer to the price of gas staying under $3. At least for the time being.

It’s  a good idea to fill up now and take advantage of the low cost while you can because you never know when it will start skyrocketing.

Especially if you will be traveling by car to see family this holiday, we want to make sure you’re set! Experts have predicted that gas will fall under $3 around the week of Christmas.

We’re seeing the decrease in cost already but it fluctuates throughout the day and week.

To make things easier, we’ve put together a list of places for you to look through. Hopefully, you can find a station in your area where you can save a few bucks.

Take a look at the list we have compiled of the 10 Places In Delaware To Find Gas Under $3.00.

If you don’t see one close by on this list, you can always check Gas Buddy. Just type in your zip code. Gas Buddy even has a trip cost calculator. If you’re doing a lot of traveling this season, it’s a great way to prepare ahead of time.

Check out this short list of 10 places that you can find gas under $3 right now.

gas map


  • Valero - $2.99

    3000 Lancaster Ave
    Wilmington,, DE

  • BP - $2.97

    4001 Lancaster Ave

    Wilmington, DE

  • Citgo - $2.89

    921 Middletown Warwick Rd

    Middletown, DE

  • Costco- $2.93

    900 Center Blvd S

    Newark, DE

    (membership card required)

  • BJs - $2.93

    124 Sunset Blvd

    Newark, DE

    (Membership card required)

  • Sam's Club - $2.93

    1572 N Dupont Hwy

    Dover, DE

    (membership card required)

  • Liberty - $2.94

    2 locations in wilmington-

    1816 Lancaster ave

    1001 W 4th Street

  • Country Cupboard Gulf - $2.95

    1200 Willow Grove Rd

    Sandtown, DE

  • Star- $2.93

    3927 Kirkwood Hwy

    Mill Creek, DE

  • Depot - $2.89

    595 Forrest Street

    Dover, DE