Not everyone wakes up at 3am like I do. However, most of us at some point have experienced fatigue due to a restless sleep the night before. Having to wake up before the roosters has helped me to establish a great bedtime routine. If you struggle to get a good night’s sleep, these might work for you!

Of course, you’ll want to consult a physician if you have any concerns regarding the supplements listed. When all else fails, I ask my husband to explain the intricacies of Microsoft Excel and I’m guaranteed to fall asleep mid conversation!


  • 1. Try the early bird special

    It all starts with the winding down process. It’s been proven that not eating at least two hours before your bedtime will help you to not only fall asleep faster but stay asleep and reach that REM cycle.

  • 2. Tea Time

    Having a hot cup of herbal tea is not only great for digestion but helps to calm the nervous system. It also helps your brain prepare for the short hibernation you’re about to have. Bonus points if you choose chamomile, lavender or any other kind of sleepy-time tea.

  • 3. So Fresh and So Clean

    A hot shower or bath at night is a great way to help your body shut down and decompress. There is a natural reaction that occurs internally when you take a hot shower or soak in a warm bath. If you can hack it, try swapping your morning wash for a night time soak.

  • 4. Just Breathe

    Some nights I am more wound up than others, depending on the events of the day. I lay in bed and enter a vicious cycle of checking my phone, looking at the clock, stressing over how much sleep I’ll lose if I don’t fall asleep soon, etc.
    I have implemented a breathing exercise for times like these. A slow and calm breath counting for 7 seconds on the inhale, holding for 5 and exhaling for another 7. Focusing on my breath usually gets me to a place where the next thing you know, my alarm is going off. I’ve hit such a deep sleep that I don’t even remember dozing off.

  • 5. There IS a magic pill!

    While some people turn to sleep aids or Melatonin, which can hinder the body’s natural production of hormones, there is something you can take that is a natural calming agent. I pop a magnesium and an Ashwaganda pill about an hour before bedtime. Magnesium doesn’t just play a vital role in your physical health but in your mental health as well. It has been known to improve your sleep, stress level and mood. Taken in conjunction with Ashwaganda, an herbal remedy known to lower cortisol levels, this power duo is sure to set you up for a solid night of sleep.