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New Holiday Experience At King Of Prussia Mall

How exciting is this?  A new, live Christmas experience is here and it’s super close to us here in Delaware.  It’s all going down at the largest shopping mall on the east coast, King of Prussia Mall.  This new experience won’t have anything to do with shopping though.

So what is Christmas House?  A interactive, indoor holiday entertainment event is coming to our area for the first time.  Christmas House At King Of Prussia Mall is expected to attract the largest holiday crowds since the outbreak of Covid-19. 

According to a press release, Christmas House is an indoor, fully-immersive, one-of-a -kind, Christmas and holiday spectacle, with a nearly one hour walk-through.  Christmas House was created by New York native Justin Schwartz who was inspired by haunted houses and reimagined a “fully immersive Christmas experience.” 

Additionally, Schwartz goes onto say, “I wanted to bring the excitement and atmosphere of haunted houses to a Christmas experience.  We just replaced the scary parts with Santa Claus and happy holiday themes. The ability to enjoy a fully immersive indoor walk-through adventure with all things Christmas will be gained from each visit. We pride ourselves on having not only the most imaginative Christmas experience possible, but the most engaging, interactive, and fun!” added Schwartz.Christmas House at King of Prussia Mall has individually-themed rooms based on fun movies we all know. “Christmas Story Café,”  the “Gingerbread Room,” an “Elf Room” and a “Snow Room” where it actually snows indoors!!!  And that’s not all, there’s more 🎄

  • What To Expect

    Tours start through the “Christmas Cake Walk,” which is a stroll between actual cakes that incorporate related holiday themes like “Polar Express,” “Snoopy Christmas” and “Nightmare Before Christmas.”  

    Christmas House will bring guests through holidays of yesteryear and today, with imagery depicting various Christmas settings, ranging from the North Pole with indoor snow and Santa’s Workshop, to sets designed to replicate iconic scenes from Elf, Harry Potter, Nightmare Before Christmas, and other holiday films. 

    Modern LED lighting helps guide the tour through various settings, with screens, fireplaces, and Christmas trees where guests are encouraged to snap selfies and Christmas pictures. 

    This year’s fully indoor exhibit will also feature two new additions to Christmas House repertoire, including a complete replica of Blockbuster Video, where guests can relive the memorable moments selecting a holiday film on VHS tapes, and a Harry Potter Christmas, where guests will be brought to the halls of Hogwarts decorated for the holidays as is depicted often in the films.

  • Christmas House Ticket Info

    Adult tickets $24.99, children ages 3-10 $19.99, under 3 free of charge on weekdays

    Adult tickets $29.99, children $24.99 on weekend.

    Reserve dates & times here.