Snow days can be fun at first, but then boredom sets in and you’re left with stir crazy kids looking for something to do.
You can’t always get outside, and when you can, it’s so cold you can’t stay too long.

Take a look at the list below to find 17 ideas for things to do on a snow day, inside and outside options included.

Stay warm friends.

  • Make Snow Ice Cream

  • Build A Fort With Blankets, Pillows & Chairs

  • Paint The Snow With DIY Paint

  • Setup An Indoor Obstacle Course

  • Try A Science Experiment

  • Knead Your Own Play Doh

  • Make An Ice Latern

  • Hot Chocolate Bar

    After spending time outside in the snow, warm up with hot chocolate.  Make it extra fun by creating a bar of toppings, including whipped cream, marshmallows, sprinkles and cinnamon

  • Set Up An Indoor Treasure Hunt

  • Bake Cookies

  • Have A Spa Day

  • Go Sledding

  • Build A Snowman

  • Build A Snow Maze

  • Make Maple Candy

    Just mix pure maple syrup with snow

  • Freezing Bubbles

    Blow bubbles and watch them turn to ice

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