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To know us is to love us.  We may do some weird things in Delaware, but what state’s residents don’t?  I mean can we talk about all the crazy stuff we hear about people in Floriduh?

Our state may be small, but Delawareans are big on personality.  The crew over at Only In Your State put together a list of 11 Weird Things People In Delaware do.


  • 1. Jump willingly into freezing water in the dead of winter

    People in the ocean during cold weather

    a katz /

    During the winter, thousands of Delawareans gather for the annual Lewes Polar Bear Plunge to raise money for Special Olympics



  • 2. Watch horseshoe crab sex


    Horseshoe crabs on the beach


    Delaware is home to one of the largest concentrations of horseshoe crabs.  Every year, the males and females visit our beaches to lay their eggs

  • 3. Freak out when approaching a traffic circle

    aerial view of a traffic circle


  • 4. Eat muskrat, or at least know where it is served

    muskrat in the water


  • 5. Satisfy their java junkie cravings from either Wawa, Royal Farms, or Dunkin' Donuts

    Stand alone Dunkin Donuts location

    Eric Glenn/Shutterstock

  • 6. Spend ridiculous amounts of cash on license plates


  • 7. Have a sports team identity crisis

    Jamie Lamor Thompson/Shutterstock

    We don’t have our own team so we have to pick another one.  Usually the Eagles, Commanders (Redskins) or Ravens


  • 8. Give driving directions based on where something used to be, and distance in minutes not miles


  • 9. Buy the best chicken and dumplings or fried oysters from a firehouse or church


  • 10. Put up LSD stickers that do not refer to an illegal substance

    Here LSD means Lower, Slower Delaware, we usually hear it slower, lower Delaware, but that doesn’t look nearly as cool on a sticker.

  • 11. See how far we can make pumpkins fly

    J Marquez/Shutterstock

    World Championship Punkin’ Chunkin’