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Avoid these foods that cause nightmares by not eating them directly before going to sleep. If you’re having late night munchies, you may want to think twice before scarfing down a burger, pizza, or some candy. Research by Casper shows that there are 12 foods that can cause nightmares according to a recent survey they conducted.

People who took part in the survey answered what they had eaten before going to sleep that resulted in having a bad dream or a horrific nightmare. Of the surveyed people, many answered the same. The most popular foods that gave nightmares were cheese, pasta, and meat.

So, try to avoid these foods that cause nightmares before going to sleep, because you may just end up having a nightmare. Which is never pleasant.

What Causes Nightmares in the Brain, Besides Food…

According to a Harvard article,In the late 1700s, a nightmare was defined as a “disease when a man in his sleep supposes he has a great weight laying upon him.” Nightmares can arise for a number of reasons—stress, anxiety, irregular sleep, medications, mental health disorders—but perhaps the most studied cause is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

If you’re having frequent nightmares nightly, it’s recommended to seek advice from your doctor. But nightmares are normal according to Scientific American; “Most re­searchers agree that having an occa­sional night­mare is normal and not problematic.”

Nightmare Studies and Their Meanings

Some examples of the most common nightmares and dreams that we have, are teeth falling out, being naked where we shouldn’t be, running away from someone, spiders and insects crawling on us, and freefalling. Each dream and nightmare is said to have underlying reasoning, like a work-related anxiety, or relationship problems. Sigmund Freud publicized these studies and made them popular by studying dream sequences in his patients.

In the end, maybe Sigmund Freud just wasn’t taking into account the foods we eat before bed. If we try to avoid these foods that cause nightmares, maybe we wouldn’t have so much stress and anxiety waking up.

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