On the air together!

We’ve been together for about two and a half years, and I wanted to share something that Chris and I have been going through. If you’ve listened to the morning show for any length of time, you know that I am an animal lover. I am an advocate for shelter pets and in fact, I have a adopted a few of my own. You’ve heard me talk about our beloved dog, Minnie. Chris and I adopted Minnie in early 2018 and the vet estimated her to be about 12 years old. With that age, comes some health issues, but overall she was doing pretty well. Minnie came into our house and made it a home and she turned us into a family. We loved her so much.

Last week, we had to say good-bye to our sweet girl. In early July, the vet found a mass in her abdomen and it grew at an alarming rate. We kept her medicated for several weeks to keep her comfortable. One night we looked at her, and we knew it was her time. She was ready to cross the rainbow bridge, so we took her to the vet for one last exam, and made the decision with our vet to let her go peacefully. It is such a painful loss and we will forever feel that void.

Minnie lived a long life. She was about 15 years old which is like 120 in dog years. (My math might be off a bit, but it is a beautiful long life.) Minnie was a stray when she came to the shelter. She was severely matted. It was obvious that she was mistreated and had not been in a home in a long time. She never held it against humans. She wagged her tail, she ate her treats and she lived in the moment. Minnie also loved standing the wind and feeling the breeze in her fur. She adjusted to our home so well. Within a day, we knew that we were meant for each other.  Minnie brought us almost three years of happiness and joy. Although the pain is great right now, I would do it again a thousand times.

If you are considering adding a pet to your family, I encourage you to consider adopting a shelter dog. It would be an incredible way to honor Minnie and all the pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge. When you adopt a dog, you give them a second chance at life. They are eternally grateful and the love is unconditional! A shelter pet will bring you immeasurable joy. We are partnering with the Brandywine Valley SPCA for the dog days of summer. You can enter to win a sponsored adoption fee for the dog of your choice. Register to win here!