Focus on the Delaware Valley, with Lora Lewis

Focus on the Delaware Valley, with Lora Lewis

The ChristianaCare Award Winning ICU Download

00:29 Download May 25th, 2022

ChristianaCare’s Medical Intensive Care Unit at Christiana Hospital not only made it through the worst of the COVID months, they were recognized for an unprecedented fifth time with the Beacon Care Award for exceptional care. Dr. Michael Benninghoff, Chief of Medical Critical Care, and Nurse Manager Carol Ritter, discuss their game plan and how they prepared for the unthinkable. Beginning with their work pre-pandemic, Dr. Benninghoff described the unit as care for the sickest of the sick, fragile patients who require skilled nursing around the clock, including cardio and neuro trauma, sepsis, kidney, liver and other organ failures. Ms Ritter spoke about the skilled sub-specialty, most have advanced certification, and the holistic approach they apply from nutrition to pain management. They discussed their preparation for the pandemic, through their affiliations and professional boards they were already aware of the coming dangers as cases began to be reported. They discussed their division of care, unlike elective surgeries, the chronically ill and medical emergencies were still going to coming in; with a new influx of COVID patients. Despite the increase numbers, they were able to maintain the care level, with fewer poor outcomes and a reduction in infection rates. Finally, a request to help them – and you – before the next possible wave, get vaccinated.

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