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10 Things To Know About Deanna Marie

Deanna Marie is the leading lady and one of the hosts of “Deanna and Justin In The Morning“. Deanna and her husband Jacob (and their 3 pets) moved from Nevada to Pennsylvania September 2021 and she joined WJBR October 2021. It’s been an adventure! Want to learn more about her? For a deeper look into her life, follow her on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Read on for more interesting things to know about Deanna Marie

  • Deanna Grew Up In Erial, NJ


    Deanna Marie (circa 1984)

    Deanna is a South Jersey girl through and through. She grew up in Erial and lived there until moving away to college.

    She attended St. Edward’s Catholic School in Pine Hill, NJ and Paul VI High School is Haddon Heights.

  • Deanna Majored In Theatre Studies At Montclair State University

    Deanna Marie at MSU Graduation


    Deanna knew from an early age that she wanted to pursue Theatre.

    Around age 11, she signed up for Summer Stage with Mainstage Center for the Arts. A few years later she joined Harmony Showchoir with MCA and it changed the trajectory of her life.

    She graduated from Montclair State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Studies and minor in Musical Theatre.

    Deanna went on to intern in NYC at a marketing firm for Broadway while auditioning for shows.

    She eventually got an agent in Philadelphia and continued booking commercial work before she decided to no longer pursue Musical Theatre and instead, explore other opportunities. However, theater always remained a part of Deanna’s life.

    Harmony Showchoir

    Can you spot Deanna?

  • She Is A Professional Singer, Actor & Model

    While Deanna may not have stayed in the world of Broadway, she sure had her time in the spotlight.

    Deanna went on to front several well known bands in the tri-state area while booking background work on TV and Film sets, and local commercial print and acting jobs.

    Some larger projects she worked on are a Sesame Place Commercial,, featured background on the movie “Step Up 3D” & hit TV show “Ugly Betty“, marketing material for Vail Resorts and a music video for PVRIS.

  • Deanna Stumbled Her Way Into Radio

    Deanna was living in Reno, NV when her agent posted a listing for the local Top 40 hits radio station. Their morning show was looking for anyone interested in being a guest host for the day.

    Deanna submitted, was selected and went in one morning. Things went so well that they asked her back. What Deanna didn’t realize was that it was a blind audition and they were trying her out.

    Today, she still has a love/hate relationship with that story since so many people in the industry have worked hard to get where they are but she feels very blessed that she found a place in the world of radio and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  • She Is OBSESSED With Halloween, She Even Had A Themed Wedding

    Deanna loves to celebrate Halloween and luckily, found someone to share her passion. She and her husband Jacob both love Halloween so much that they decided to get married on Mischief Night!

    They added elegant little touches of spookiness throughout the wedding decor and even their outfits for the big day!


  • Deanna And Her Husband Drove Across The Country...Twice!

    When Deanna and Jacob decided to explore new places, they took full advantage of the opportunity.

    They moved out of their apartment in Hamilton, NJ at the time and rented a Uhaul. They loaded up their one bedroom and their cat, Ivan and hit the road. They drove the southern route to California in 6 days.

    They made their way between 2014 and 2016 from the bay area in California to Reno, NV. After living in Reno for about 5 years, they decided to take new opportunities back east and move to Pennsylvania. This time they had 2 more pets- another cat (Leota) and a dog (Rad). So they loaded them all up in a RV and drove for 9 days along the northern route, hitting national parks on their way back.

    Deanna and Jacob at the Reno Arch

    Leaving Reno *sadface*

  • They broke the rule "Never fall in love at the Jersey Shore"

    The MTV hit reality show Jersey Shore is famous for the quote “Don’t fall in love at the jersey shore”.

    Deanna and her hubby definitely broke that rule. They met in Point Pleasant one night, while living in Belmar with friends. Got engaged on the Point Pleasant boardwalk where they had their second date and the rest is history.

    Deanna and Jacob 2009

  • Deanna Is A Furmom To 3 Animals

    Jacob adopted Ivan for Deanna’s 30th birthday. He’s an old soul, that’s why he’s always in a tuxedo.

    Leota was adopted in Reno to give Ivan a friend since he seemed a little lonely. Now, they’re best buds.

    Rad was adopted in Reno as well, after Deanna and Jacob purchased their first home. He’s the baby of the group and acts like it.

  • She Hopes To Be A Human Mom

    Deanna and Jacob started their fertility journey in 2019 and it’s been a struggle to say the least.

    They went through 3 rounds of IVF before deciding to call it quits for the time being and give themselves a break.

    They have been trying to settle into their surroundings in PA and enjoy time with family and friends. They still do plan on trying to conceive, whatever that looks like. They know they both want to be parents, no matter how that happens for them.

    Deanna has been very open about the journey on her social media and welcomes any questions from anyone experiencing infertility.

  • Deanna Is A Proud Aunt To 4 Girls

    One thing about Deanna’s family is that it is dominated by women.

    She is the proud aunt to 4 beautiful girls and lucky enough to be godmother to one.

    She enjoys spending a lot of her spare time with them, watching them grow up- 2 of them at least. The other 2 live in Florida and she misses them terribly.


    Deanna holding her neice



Contest Rules

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Official Contest Rules 


These rules apply to the Hi-Lo Cash Jackpot Contest (“Contest”) conducted by Beasley Media Group, LLC d/b/a WJBR-FM (“Station”). In addition, the General Contest Rules posted at apply to this Contest. If there is a conflict between the General Contest Rules and the Rules for this Contest, the Rules for this Contest shall control. 





  1. The Contest will begin on Monday, September 26, 2022 and end on Friday, October 21, 2022 or when a total of three thousand dollars ($3,000) has been awarded, whichever occurs first. 


  1. To enter on-air, listen to the Station each weekday beginning on Monday, September 26, 2022 and ending on Friday, October 21, 2022 at approximately 8:00am ET, 10:00am ET, 12:00pm ET, 2:00pm ET, and 4:00pm ET for the announcement of the cue to call. Upon hearing the cue to call, the designated number caller (as announced on-air at the time of the cue to call) to the Station contest line at 302-764-9527 will win an On-Air Bonus Prize and have the opportunity to win a Jackpot Prize by correctly guessing the exact amount of money in dollars and cents in the current jackpot (“Jackpot”), upon confirmation of eligibility.  The designated caller will have one (1) chance of no longer than fifteen (15) seconds to guess the exact amount of money (dollars and cents) in the current Jackpot. If the designated caller correctly guesses the current exact amount in the Jackpot, that Contestant will also win the cash amount of the current Jackpot and the Jackpot will be reset with a new amount of money beginning with the next cue to call. If the designated caller’s guess is incorrect, the on-air personality will say if their guess is too high or too low and the caller will only win an On-Air Bonus Prize. The cash amount of each Jackpot will be pre-determined by Station prior to accepting any guesses. Station is not responsible for any failure of a caller to reach the Station contest line including but not limited to busy phone lines, misdirected calls, equipment breakdowns, or disconnections. Calls will only be accepted at the designated phone number.  At the time of entrant’s call, entrant will be required to provide all information requested including entrant’s full name, complete address (including zip code), day and evening phone numbers and date of birth in order to be eligible to win. P.O. Boxes are not permitted. In the event that the selected caller is disconnected or is found to be ineligible, the next eligible caller who successfully makes it through on the call-in line and completes the call will attempt to guess the Jackpot.  There is no limit to the number of times a listener may attempt to call in to win, but a listener may be a winner only once. 


  1. There may be up to a total of seventy five (75) On-Air Bonus Prizes and five (5) Jackpot Prize winners selected in the Contest. The Contest will continue until the sooner of: (i) a total of three thousand dollars ($3,000) is awarded in this Contest; (ii) or until Friday, October 21, 2022, whichever occurs first. 





  1. This Contest is open to all Station listeners who are 21years of age or older as of the date of entry into the Contest, who are legal US residents and reside in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland or New Jersey, except where prohibited by law. Winners must possess a valid, government-issued ID and show proof of residency to verify eligibility.  


  1. PRIZES 


  1. Up to seventy-five (75) On-Air Bonus Prizes may be awarded.  Each On-Air Bonus Prize consists of twenty (20) Delaware Park Slot Dollars to be used at the Casino at Delaware Park, located at 777 Delaware Park Blvd, Wilmington, DE 19804.  The Approximate Retail Value of each On-Air Bonus Prize is twenty dollars ($20). 


  1. Up to five (5) Jackpot Prizes may be awarded. Each Jackpot Prize consists of a company check issued to the winner in the amount of the Jackpot at the time of winning as described in Section 1.  The Approximate Retail Value of the Jackpot Prize will vary based on the amount of the Jackpot. 


  1. No check will be awarded, processed or mailed until winner has claimed the prize at the Station, presented all required documentation, and signed all required releases and tax forms.  Checks will then be mailed within approximately six (6) to eight (8) weeks following confirmation of eligibility and completion of all requisite releases and IRS forms. 


  1. All prizes or prize certificates must be claimed at the office of the Station located at 812 Philadelphia Pike, Wilmington, DE 19809, Monday-Friday, during regular business hours.  Prize or prize certificate must be claimed within thirty (30) days of winning or timeframe set forth by the station. Failure to claim prize by the specified time will result in forfeiture of the prize. It is the winner’s sole responsibility to claim the Prize or prize certificate within the timeline provided in these Official Rules.        






  1. Up to seventy-five (75) On-Air Bonus Prizes and five (5) Jackpot Prize winners may be selected and notified on-air as described above. 


  1. Odds of winning depend in part upon the number and order of calls received. 


  1. Entrants must listen to the Station to win but do not need to be present to enter or win. 


  1. Decisions of Station management with respect to the Contest are final. 




  1. The Station reserves the right to end any contest or amend these rules upon announcement on air and by publication at    


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  1. Copies of the written Contest rules and a list of all winners are available during regular business hours at the main studio of the Station, 812 Philadelphia Pike, Wilmington, DE 19809, or by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the Station.