Revised Office Hours: WJBR offices will be closed from July 1 - July 10th.  We will reopen on July 11th.

Every time the temperature hits 99° at the WJBR studios, zip code 19809, between now and Labor Day, we will randomly select a winner to receive a gift card with a minimum value of $20!  

Register below to get your name in the drawing


  • How to enter: Register to win
  • When to enter: June 3, 2022 – September 5, 2022
  • How winner is being selected: Random selection when temperature hits 99° degrees at WJBR studio
  • When the winner is being selected:  At time of temperature hitting 99° degrees at WJBR studio
  • How many times a person can enter: 1
  • Age of entrants: 18+
  • How many winners are being selected: Dependent upon weather
  • What the prize is:  Gift Card
  • What the prize value is: Minimum $20
  • Who is providing the prize: WJBR